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Feinstein branches out and makes millions

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, Economy | Posted on 21-04-2009


I’m amazed by the relative silence on this topic so far.

Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, has branched out. Apparently, she believes she is also on the banking committee. Why else would she meet with the FDIC on October 30 and promise to help them get federal money to help with foreclosures?

Perhaps the answer rests with her husband. Two weeks after she made this promise to the FDIC, CB Richard Ellis Group (CBG), where Richard Blum (her husband) is board chairman, received a contract allowing him to sell foreclosed properties at inflated rates. About the same time, Blum’s private investment firm bought 10 million shares of CBG for $3.77 per share. At this moment, it is at $5.79 per share. That’s more than $20 million in profit for Feinstein and her husband.

Of course, the $25 billion Feinstein routed to the FDIC had nothing to do with the decision to award Blum the contract. Everyone claims they didn’t know anything about anything until after the fact.

Perhaps all the profit CBG, Feinstein, and Blum have made should be taxed at 105%.

You can read more here.

Obama the budget slayer

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Economy | Posted on 20-04-2009


Okay, I can’t lay the blame of this solely at the feet of President Obama. The problem is his, but also belonged to President Bush and other presidents, as well as Congress and countless agencies.

After expanding the budget more than any other president in history, President Obama has called for spending cuts from department and agency chiefs…or are they czars now?

Anyway, Obama asked for $100 million in cuts from each. Some of the cuts include:

  • DHS: Buying office supplies in bulk (to save $52M over five years or roughly $10M/year)
  • DHS: Buying multipurpose office equipment (to save $10M over five years or $2M/year)
  • Dept. of Agriculture: Improper farm program payments ($16M)
  • Dept. of State: Consolidation of contracts for communications, office supplies, furniture, medical supplies (7 percent to 10 percent over current costs which are missing)

These are just a few of the cuts coming out. They lead me to wonder about our government. How can the Dept. of Agriculture cut (or stop) improper payments? This implies they know they are blowing $16M/year with fraudulent payments.

Beyond that, this news brings up another question. Why have these units been wasting money in the first place? Your average high school dropout knows buying in bulk at Sam’s Club or Costco saves money. So, why do our leaders not realize that? They have been blowing this money for years while average Americans have been tightening their belts. I wonder how many of these elitist czars suggested, “Comrade Obama, instead of budget cuts, can’t we just make the people eat cake?”

Mr. Jefferson – Mike Church (King Dude!)

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, Economy, RINOs | Posted on 17-04-2009


I don’t have much time at the moment, but wanted to share this awesome tune. Check out Mike Church at if you haven’t already.

CNN — The Communist News Network

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Economy, MSM | Posted on 16-04-2009


Most thinking Americans realize CNN is little more than the Communist News Network. For years, the network has cozied up to every socialist in American politics. They failed to do their jobs prior to the 2008 election because they wanted to see their messaiah, Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. This video MUST SEE: CNN Chicago found at The Great Illuminator does a great job showing CNN’s finest at work.

The video really becomes interesting around the 2:18 mark. That’s when we see the Obamanite newscaster taking off her clothes (so to speak) and revealing her naked agenda. She, like so many others in the media, appears to be a neosocialist Obama worshipper. Her attempt at journalism was little more than another hit-and-run by the liberal MSM.

The Local Tea Party

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Economy | Posted on 16-04-2009


Where I live we had about 3,000-4,000 people come out for the tea party yesterday. That’s not bad considering this isn’t a large city by any stretch of the imagination. Here are a few pictures:

I like the special message to Janet Napolitano

I like the special message to Janet Napolitano


Just one hand among many

Just one hand among many

Tea Parties . . . Let’s make them a tradition

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Democrats, Economy, Obama, Republicans, RINOs | Posted on 16-04-2009


Yesterday, April 15, 2009, we saw countless tea parties spring up across the nation. Millions of people rallied together to express outrage over the current idea that the best way to get out of debt is to get deeper in debt. I’m not sure how the problem can also be the solution. It’s akin to saying the best way to stop someone’s finger from bleeding is to cut off the entire hand. I suppose in some respects that’s true. The finger ceases to bleed, but the wrist issues forth more blood.

Whereas the mainstream media would have capitalized on yesterday’s activities as a referendum against George Bush had the tea parties taken place three years ago, many were conspicuously silent or condescending. The truth is, however, that this was not a referendum simply against Obama. These tea parties were an indictment against George Bush for spending like a drunken sailor, Barack Obama for spending like that drunken sailor’s drunken captain, and every politician in any office, federal or local, that has lost touch with reality and forgotten how to balance a checkbook.

Contrary to some media coverage, yesterday’s tea parties were not “anti-government” rallies. The people who attended love this country and our form of government. However, many do not like the way the government has grown fat and drunk on the wine of our labor. These demonstrations were anti-tax, anti-pork, and anti-socialist. Nothing could be more American.

I take that back. One thing could be more American. We must ensure for our posterity that yesterday’s tea parties were only the first sounds of a waking giant. We must continue to send Congress, President Obama, and all elected officials the message: “We are taxed enough already!”

For some pics around the country about the tea parties yesterday, check out Michelle Malkin’s blog.

Surrendering to the EU

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Economy | Posted on 20-11-2008


The other day I wrote about a global currency.

Yesterday, Dick Morris, made a similar statement. In his article, he said:

The results of the G-20 economic summit amount to nothing less than the seamless integration of the United States into the European economy.

 In one month of legislation and one diplomatic meeting, the United States has unilaterally abdicated all the gains for the concept of free markets won by the Reagan administration and surrendered, in total, to the Western European model of socialism, stagnation, and excessive government regulation. 

Sovereignty is out the window. Without a vote, we are suddenly members of the European Union. Given the dismal record of those nations at creating jobs and sustaining growth, merging with the Europeans is like a partnership with death.

Morris hammers Bush for this ridiculous decision–and rightfully so. As he puts it, Obama won’t have to govern from the left because Bush “has done all the heavy lifting for him.”

What is it with politicians and power? Somehow it seems to fog their glasses and make them do stupid things. I can’t speak for other Americans, but as for me, I would rather die a free man in a depression than a pauper under a socialist dictatorship.

Get Ready For It! It’s Coming!

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Economy | Posted on 18-11-2008


Forget about the Amero–that standardize dollar to be shared by the US, Mexico, and Canada. Why shoot for the smallest duck flying over the pond when you can easily get the largest one ever?

As the blog Consent of the Governed puts it, when the G20 met the other day:

European Union President, and French Leader Nicholas Sarkozy, is seeking stability in global currencies – perhaps hinting at one global currency.

But it isn’t just that one blogger making the claim. According to PRLog:

Single Global Currency Assn. Urges G20 To Initiate Research And Planning For Single Global Currency. . . . This call for research and planning echoes the work done in Europe in the 1980′s and 1990′s to plan for the euro.  Bonpasse is confident that when a serious examination of the costs and benefits is done, the world will embrace the goal of a Single Global Currency, to be managed by a Global Central Bank within a Global Monetary Union.

While discussing the current global meltdown, the Financial Post speculated:

The other option would be to move toward a global currency or, as a stopgap, currency blocs centered around the greenback, the euro and perhaps the yuan or, if Japan had its way, the yen.

However, the other of that snippet, opined with an air of regret that a global currency probably would not happen.

Clearly, I have my doubts. I believe this idea will pick up steam and before we know it, president-elect Obama, acting as President Obama will surrender our economic sovereignty to some international body.

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