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Leaked UBL Death Photo

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News | Posted on 04-05-2011


Osama bin Laden is now dead and bowing before Jesus Christ

Who wouldn’t want to see something like this?

Obama admits he is afraid of terrorists

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News, Obama | Posted on 04-05-2011


The news broke a few minutes ago. President Obama, the most unpresidential POTUS since Grant, has decided not to release the death photos of Osama bin Laden. Mr. Obama is afraid it might anger the Muslims.

Who cares what the animals think?

Do these animals stop and ask themselves, “If I cut off this person’s head on live television, will it anger Americans?” If they do, as soon as they realize it will, they swap the blade in hand for something a bit duller, rustier!

Some will argue, “But we should consider all the other Muslims. We don’t want them angry.” Why not? Were they angry when Osama and his band of demonic Koran-carrying-devil-worshippers flew a couple of planes into the World Trade Center? Were they outraged enough to take up arms after Daniel Pearl had his head lopped off? Of course not. So, why are we worried they might be offended by a picture of a current resident of Hell with a hole in his head?

Why help the enemy?

Yes, photos can be touched up to make anything appear the way you want it to. But why allow the evil jihadis to claim this is nothing more than a propaganda ploy? Without a body, there is no assurance Osama bin Laden is dead. Those who fear him will continue to fear him and those who adore him will continue to follow him until they know for certain he is dead.

Why does President Obama insist on mollycoddling our enemies?

It seems Mr. Obama has never met a dictator he didn’t like. And it seems anyone who¬†considers Israel an enemy is a friend of Obama. Yes, the enemies of Mr. Obama’s enemies (Israel, England, the US) are his friends. If we are going to prosecute this war like we are a judge in a mild divorce case, we might as well give up now. We’ve already lost this war. Our government is scared to death of the jihadis. Our government is scared to death of Muslims. Maybe because they realize American citizens won’t kill them, but these Koranic devils have no qualms about chopping off Obama’s or Biden’s head. It would even make prime time on Al Jazeera!

Wasn’t killing UBL a sign of strength?

I have no doubt people will claim Obama and his minions aren’t afraid of the Muslims. They’ll point to the murder of UBL as a sign of strength. But this is errant thinking. First, let me give a big Hurah! for the soldier that got Osama bin Laden. However, we shouldn’t let Obama trick us into believing this was a “capture” mission. As Obama spokesman Jay Carney said yesterday, bin Laden was unarmed. He attemped to resist and had to be shot in the head.

Let’s face it, if that happened in the US, there would be rioting. Look at the Rodney King incident. They didn’t even kill him! But more than that, bin Laden’s death is the best thing for Obama’s flailing re-election campaign.

If Obama captured UBL, he would have to detain him somewhere. If BO put UBL in NYC, New York would probably turn red faster than a preacher with an open zipper! And if BO put UBL in Gitmo, he would lose the looney left he loves so much.

Qaddafi blames Bin Laden

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News, video | Posted on 25-02-2011


This is an interesting video. With all the unrest spreading through generally quiet Arab nations, I have to wonder who is behind it all. I just hope these don’t all turn out like Iran 1979!

Iran video

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News, Obama, video | Posted on 14-02-2011


Iranian government chasing people down with motorcycles and using cattle prods on the demonstrators. Where is President Obama? Why hasn’t he strongly urged the Iranian government to refrain from civil rights violations? Why isn’t Obama asking for the government to step down and embrace democracy?

At least Hillary Clinton has shown support of the Iranian people. I wonder how long it will be before BamBam clubs her over the head and says “America should not stick its nose into other countries’ business.”

Where’s Waldo Obama?

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News, Obama | Posted on 14-02-2011


¬†President Mahmoud I’maDoucheBag…er… Ahmadinejad has arrested opposition leaders in Iran according to NY Daily News. So the question remains, where’s President Obama? Like that children’s book hero, Waldo, President Obama continues to be silent on the subject of Iranian freedom.

Am I the only person in the world who believes Mr. Obama loves every dictator who hopes to harm America and Israel? Or can it be that President I-bow-to-the-Saudi-King Obama just loves anything that might bring about a muslim regime?

hide the decline (climate gate video)

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Environment, Global News, Humor, video | Posted on 03-12-2009


Netanyahu slams Iran at the UN

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News | Posted on 25-09-2009


Ignore the commentary. This is from Al Jazeera, so you know it is slanted.

Free Iran Merchandise

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News | Posted on 26-06-2009


A couple of designs are mine, but the majority belong to people I don’t know.

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

Iran Videos

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News | Posted on 25-06-2009


Brutality in Iran

Neda Agha Soltan (Soltani) (graphic and heartbreaking)

Iranian Protests and Riots–An Iranian Mad World

Injured Young Students Die in Iran (Graphic)

Free Iran — Sites and Tweets on Iran’s Election

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News | Posted on 25-06-2009


Those who read my blog and tweets know I am a supporter of Liberty regardless of country, ethnicity, etc. I’ve made this a sticky, hoping people everywhere will post sites and links to pro-Iranian protester sites and news.

Liberty is a fire, let us be the wind that carries it across the globe.

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