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Good things the Fed Gov’t has done . . .

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, health care | Posted on 19-08-2009


I said it in anoter post. This government that wants to bring down health care costs is the same one that spent five grand on a hammer. Comrade Obama brought up the Post Office. I started thinking about other things the federal government has screwed up, like medicare, social security. Then I decided it would be easier and shorter to list the things the government has done right. Here’s my list.

  • Created the world’s greatest military to protect our freedoms from foreign threats (who will save us from the domestic threats in Congress and the White House?)
  • Defeated the Nazis
  • Toppled the USSR without a shot

Other than the military, which is awesome–despite the government’s waste even there–I can’t think of one program it has created or one bureau that is efficient. It has the anti-Midas touch. Everything it touches turns to crap.

No thank you. I’ll take my chances with the insurance companies. At least I know what their intentions are. And despite how much they might make off of me, I know they don’t have the power to legislate my rights away in the name of the common good.

Copy of a Health Care Bill

Posted by Brutus | Posted in health care | Posted on 11-08-2009


I haven’t had time to read this, but I wanted to post if for those interested in having a copy. This is Rep. Dingell’s (Dingleberry’s) proposed law.

You will need Adobe Reader to view this massive hunk of proposed legislation.

Obama’s Communist Revolution–Now Playing Everywhere!

Posted by Brutus | Posted in health care | Posted on 10-08-2009


Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have an op-ed piece in USA Today in which they claim “Americans have been waiting for nearly a century for quality, affordable health care.” What about the 136 years before the progressives (a form of American socialists) presented it in 1912?

There are reasons there were no socialized medicine bills introduced prior to 1912. The main reason is because the very idea is anathema to the Constitution.

In 1912, socialists and communist forces were swelling in the United States, organizing labor unions and pushing the focus of mainstream politics far to the left. While some open socialists ran on the ballots for various state and federal positions, they still did not make a dent in the System. As such, most leftists knew the only way to destroy the Constitution and work their socialist utopia would be by destroying the Constitution from within. The idea was to get into the main body politic like a cancer and eat away at the fundamental rights until Lady Liberty was little more than a skeleton with a thin skin over her bones. It did not matter if they went in as republicans, democrats, or bull-moose. The idea was to shape the dialogue and, in so shaping, change our form of government.

Health care was and remains one of those socialist ideas intended to eat away at the Constitution so the leftists can inflict their wretched ideology on everyone at the same time. Of course, just like in Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China, the good things–housing, real health care, vehicles, etc.–are reserved solely for the political class. The average American–which is what they dream every non-politician will be–receives rationed heath care, forced abortions, forced euthanasia, and whatever scraps from their political masters’ tables.

Later in their piece, Pelosi and Hoyer say,

These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.

The interesting thing about this quote is all the energy Nancy Pelosi and her leftist buddies in government and media have expended to do just that: drown out the opposition.

Pelosi has said it is an “astro turf” movement instead of grass roots, hoping that would silence people. She has accused ordinary Americans of being too well dressed to protest. She has claimed ordinary Americans are actually the paid hands of an insurance group trying to quash the socializing of America. And, of course, she likened all ordinary Americans to nazis, trying to silence them or scare them from showing up by painting John and Jane Doe as two swastika carrying, jackbooted thugs there to beat up a politician.

Obama has tried to drown out opposition by threatening people with having their names sent to if they dare speak, email, or blog against his brand of socialized medicine.

Other neosocialist politicians, aided by left wing groups and the mainstream media, paint ordinary Americans as mobsters and rioters for exercising their first amendment right to redress government of grievances.

These politicians know what they are doing. They are working feverishly to drown out all opposition to their revolutionary plans, because this is the War. This is the communist revolution in America. Obama is the Marxist version of King Arthur. He is the Socialist Savior, here to draw the sword from the stone and slay all non-socialists.

Opposition is the most patriotic and American thing one can do today. There is no middle ground. Silence is nothing more than a head nod to the neosocialists like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barney Frank. The time is now for Americans to choose. Whom will you serve? Liberty or Socialist Slave-masters in DC? The communists have started the revolution. Choose your side.


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Some fishy truth about Obamaland’s Ministry of Health

Posted by Brutus | Posted in health care | Posted on 08-08-2009


My assertion has been that if Barack Obama and his band of neosocialist followers want a European style socialism, they should move to France, rather than trying to enslave all Americans under that system. It appears, I have an answer on why they don’t move. France is now trying to be more like America with an American-style health care system.

The Wall Street Journal reported

In recent months, France imposed American-style “co-pays” on patients to try to throttle back prescription-drug costs and forced state hospitals to crack down on expenses. “A hospital doesn’t need to be money-losing to provide good-quality treatment,” President Nicolas Sarkozy thundered in a recent speech to doctors.

So, now the new question is, why would Obama and his haughty backup singers want to give us a system that is demonstrably failing?

I believe the answer is simple. I said it before. I repeat it now. This has nothing to do with health. If Congress cared about your health, they would put themselves under the same plan. This has always been and will always be about greater government control of each person’s life. We see by the way Congress acts, they do not believe laws pertain to them. They take their bribes, circumvent the Constitution, pollute/use more energy than 98% of Americans. This is one more case where they will be above the laws intended to crush the will of the people.

When the government controls health care, it will be able to successfully legislate every aspect of our lives. Take for example the abuse of the Interstate Commerce Clause. After perverting it, Congress discovered it had the power to regulate how much wheat a farmer can grow for his personal consumption. If they pass this health care, they will be able to decide how many children you have. The czar of Obamaland’s Ministry of Health can say, “Besides adding to your carbon footprint, having children costs the government a lot of money. You have had two children already. We’re afraid we must perform an abortion so that other women with less children can have another. It’s only fair.” On top of that, when government controls all health care, they can and will use the ”cost-cutting” argument as they reach into other non-related things. For example, by banning Twinkies from store shelves (or any food, drink or drug from a manufacturer who does not give a large enough bribe), Congress is saving taxpayers money by preventing the overweight people from getting heavier and having heart attacks. See how much they love us? Of course, their congressional closets will be jam packed with Twinkies, Hoho’s, Suzy-Q’s, chicken fried in trans fat, cigarettes, cigars, dip, snuff, beer, bourbon, life-saving meds, and a bunch more. We can’t expect the laws to apply to them. They are there protecting us from ourselves and (insert evil corporation name or industry here). Part of defending us from our desires means they must take every measure necessary. As for those things in the closet, you needn’t even look at them or give them a second thought… they are there for research purposes only.

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