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got drones? design

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Generic Shopping, Obama | Posted on 07-02-2013


Latest anti-Obama design. Obama believes he has a right to kill Americans with drones without any trial or even proof the person has taken arms against the United States.

Pop Quiz for Obama Voters

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, elections, Obama | Posted on 07-11-2012


Simple pop quiz for those Obama voters who can actually read…

Pop quiz for Obama voters

Obama supports & explains Occupy Wall Street (humor)

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, Humor, Obama, video | Posted on 21-10-2011


A short cartoon in which Obama supports & explains Occupy Wall Street.

GOP Candidates Debate Barack Obama

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Humor, Obama, Republicans, video | Posted on 19-10-2011


Short humorous clip in which the GOP candidates debate Barack Obama.

Tea Party vs Occupy Wall Street (1 pic explains it all)

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Democrats, Obama | Posted on 18-10-2011


tea party vs occupy wall stretThis pic pretty much sums up the differences between the Tea Party people and the Occupy Wall Street socialists.

Leftie Lies – Warren Buffet’s Secretary

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Democrats, Obama, video | Posted on 12-10-2011


A little video to explain the lies behind the “Warren Buffet’s Secretary” talking point and the faulty math Obama and Reid are using to push Obama’s bogus Jobs Bill.

Like usual, they are grossly underestimating the cost and exaggerating the income from their tax hike. To get the money they want they would have to dramatically increase the tax rate on those making $200k and more.

Obama Lied People … Uh … Said “It’s Okay”

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, Obama | Posted on 07-10-2011


The hypocrisy of neosocialist Obamanites never fails to amaze me.

By now most people probably know President Obama lied yesterday during his speech when he said he met Boston teacher Robert Baroz. Obama held Mr. Baroz up as an example as to why Congress needed to pass his Jobs Bill. In so doing, he intimated that Mr. Baroz was out of work and the Jobs Bill would get Mr. Baroz back in the classroom. Of course, the two men never met. Mr. Baroz did sit in the front row during a press conference in the Rose Garden. (He may even have spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express). Furthermore, Mr. Baroz is not out of work.

Now, that’s not where the hypocrisy comes in. Instead, consider this snippet taken from the Boston Herald:

Baroz, who supports Obama and his efforts to restore the public sector, told the Herald yesterday he doesn’t mind if the president — or his speechwriters — took some liberties with the facts. It was all in aid of a higher truth, he said.

A higher truth? So, lying is acceptable if it is done while trying to get something you want? Does that mean those who claim GW lied need to apologize to him? If he lied, it was simply to get his higher truth realized, right?

Wait, should we be surprised? These are the same people who have lied consistently for decades. Consider:

  •  SNL’s Sarah Palin skit: “I can see Russia from my house.” They knew she didn’t say it, yet they pretended she did and then perpetuated that lie. (I can appreciate the humor in it. It was the perpetuation of the story that made it a lie).
  • Lies about the 2000 election and Florida–ie Bush stole it and Jeb helped him.
  • Constant creative (deceitful) interpretations of the Constitution–ie football players can’t pray voluntarily before a game.
  • Made up facts in order to prove global warming.

I guess I’m not surprised after all.

Mission Accomplished Left Wing Libbies!

Liberals and Their Liberal Politicians Attack Free Speech Once More

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Democrats, Obama, video | Posted on 29-09-2011


When New Orleans’ resident Timothy Reilly set up some anti-Obama signs in his yard, liberals had a fit. As always, liberals ONLY support free speech when it is what they are saying or want to hear. Speak out against liberals or Dear Leader Obama and . . . liberal politicians will come to shut you down.

Probably one of the most honest and telling moments about how liberals misuse government power to shut down those they hate comes from the city councilwoman, Susan Guidry, who promises they will look at everything they can in zoning laws to force him to take down the signs.

Obama waves goodbye

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Humor, Obama, video | Posted on 27-09-2011


As always, hilarious commentary.

What is a fair share?

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Obama | Posted on 19-09-2011


Comrade Obama is on the television and teleprompter again. Yes, it’s that time of the day again. Perhaps he needs a BO-TV. It could have the tag line ”All BO all the time.”

Anyway, once more, our socialist leader has commented that everyone needs to pay their “fair share” including the rich and corporations. Okay, I am not opposed to one paying their fair share. Heck, if Dear Leader wants to have people pay their “Fair Share,” shouldn’t he be abolishing the progressive tax system and replace it with one which taxes everyone equally?

But that is beside the point. Here is my question: How much is someone’s fair share? Why does no one ever ask our Marxist-in-Chief: “Precisely how much money does the federal government deserve from a family making $250,000 or more?” Or better yet, “What percentage do you think a person deserves to keep after all the various taxes applied by federal, state, and local governments?”

Perhaps if everyone starts jamming his websites, phones, faxes, etc. with demands that he answers that question, we might actually get an answer intead of ridiculous platitudes from the boy who would be dictator.

# # #

Have you read the U.S. Constitution lately? If you want to read it and learn the how’s and why’s behind many aspects, check out:  The United States Constitution: A Common Conservative’s Perspective

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