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Mr. Jefferson – Mike Church (King Dude!)

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, Economy, RINOs | Posted on 17-04-2009


I don’t have much time at the moment, but wanted to share this awesome tune. Check out Mike Church at if you haven’t already.

Tea Parties . . . Let’s make them a tradition

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Democrats, Economy, Obama, Republicans, RINOs | Posted on 16-04-2009


Yesterday, April 15, 2009, we saw countless tea parties spring up across the nation. Millions of people rallied together to express outrage over the current idea that the best way to get out of debt is to get deeper in debt. I’m not sure how the problem can also be the solution. It’s akin to saying the best way to stop someone’s finger from bleeding is to cut off the entire hand. I suppose in some respects that’s true. The finger ceases to bleed, but the wrist issues forth more blood.

Whereas the mainstream media would have capitalized on yesterday’s activities as a referendum against George Bush had the tea parties taken place three years ago, many were conspicuously silent or condescending. The truth is, however, that this was not a referendum simply against Obama. These tea parties were an indictment against George Bush for spending like a drunken sailor, Barack Obama for spending like that drunken sailor’s drunken captain, and every politician in any office, federal or local, that has lost touch with reality and forgotten how to balance a checkbook.

Contrary to some media coverage, yesterday’s tea parties were not “anti-government” rallies. The people who attended love this country and our form of government. However, many do not like the way the government has grown fat and drunk on the wine of our labor. These demonstrations were anti-tax, anti-pork, and anti-socialist. Nothing could be more American.

I take that back. One thing could be more American. We must ensure for our posterity that yesterday’s tea parties were only the first sounds of a waking giant. We must continue to send Congress, President Obama, and all elected officials the message: “We are taxed enough already!”

For some pics around the country about the tea parties yesterday, check out Michelle Malkin’s blog.

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