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Conservative Sellers Read This (& pass along please)

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 30-09-2009


If you have conservative t-shirts, bumper stickers, and gifts for sale and want some free advertising, check out my other site

Teawar started as a proto-tea party site over a year ago before anyone talked about tea parties. At that time, it encouraged people to mail tea bags to Congress and the president. I think the Tea party movement is a much better idea. As such, I want to keep Teawar alive and put it to good use. So I am using it as an outlet for people who want to blog about their new anti-Obama, conservative, & patriotic designs they have to sell. The goal is to have a site where everyone can come and find conservative apparel and gifts.

Yes, it’s free. There are some rules, but nothing like a 4th click mine. Affiliates at places like zazzle and cafepress are also welcome.

The more inbound links you have to your merchandise, the better it will rank in the search engines. By having it in blog format, you van also post some commentary and descriptions of your items to help people find your designs.

Check it out

Tired of Obama? read this

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Obama | Posted on 29-09-2009


At times, it bothers me that Barack Obama tends to be in campaign mode 24/7. In the past couple of months, he’s given about 120 speeches–mostly on health care–has pandered to his leftist base by throwing Israel under the bus and trying to appease every dictator the world over, and now is heading to Europe to repay some political favors by trying to get the Olympics in the “City of Corrupt Politics,” Chicago.


I try to be a glass-half-full person. The glass-half-empty person only sees the above. Me, I see something great about what Obama is doing. Now, now. Bear with me.

Every time Barack Obama opens his mouth, his approval rating spikes then drops below where it was. The more he talks about socialized medicine for America, the less people want it. The more he bows to Saudi Kings and tries to become the lap dog of dictators like Chavez, Castro, and Ahmadinejad, the more patriotic Americans become. President Obama appears to be his own worst enemy. His endless overexposure on the All-Barack-Channels has polarized the nation more than G. W. Bush ever did and has steeled the resolve of millions of previously apolitical people against going into the dark night of socialism. Like carter, he will probably be a one-term president and the forerunner of another Reagan.

Keep it up, Mr. President. You’re doing a bang up job!

New conservative and anti Obama shirts and bumper stickers at Cafepress

Here’s one design

Obama Lying Again? Or just hiding the truth?

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, Obama | Posted on 27-09-2009


Last night, during one of his Castro-like speeches, the overexposed Obama made a comment at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner to the extent of:

“At the G20, Michelle and I were shaking hands and one leader–I’m not going to say who–pulled me aside and said, ‘Explain this health care thing to me. I don’t understand. You want to give them health care and they draw Hitler moustaches on you.’”

Okay…first, call me a skeptic or cynical, but I wonder if the reason our Circumlocutor-in-Chief didn’t name names was because it didn’t happen. He has already been caught lying about a man who died from cancer because insurance companies wouldn’t treat him, when evidence shows the man’s insurance was reinstated within a few weeks. So, perhaps the conversation never took place. As it stands, by not saying with whom this supposedly transpired, each of the other 19 members may simply assume it was someone else. But if Obama tossed out a name, that person might say, “That never happened.”

Perhaps, though, it did happen and the reason Obama doesn’t cite the source is because it would be more embarassing to admit he has someone like China’s communist dictator Hu Jintao or Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev supporting his plans for creating a Socialist States of America. Heck, it may have even been Obama’s spiritual leader, King Abdullah from Saudi Arabia–how can we forget Barack Obama prostrating himself before the leader of the Muslim world?

Don’t Wana Live in Obama’s America! (song)

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Obama, video | Posted on 26-09-2009


This is a good song. It’s a parody using Greed Day’s American Idiot.

Fox News jumping into bias?

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, MSM | Posted on 26-09-2009


There’s a lot of bias and sensationalism in the mainstream media. Those of us to the right of Mao realize it and deal with the left wing slant. I wanted to take a moment to point out another bias we often see, but rarely mention. I’m surprised to see it coming from Fox News.

The headline is:

Reality TV ‘Preacher’ Charged With Murdering Ex-Porn Star

Maybe Fox News got lazy and used the AP’s headline. I don’t know. But when you look at this sensationalistic headline, you probably think like I did, that some vagabond preacher with a dog God talks through followed holy orders barked by old Spot. The headline is designed to give a negative impression of Christians and Christianity. But wait…

What we get in paragraph two is:

Brian Lee Randone was charged last week with beating and suffocating Felicia Lee at their Monrovia home. (full story)

Their  Monrovia home? So, now it is a completely different story. No longer is this a story about an evil Christian  slaying a poor, defenseless porn star. It is about a man killing his girlfriend. Heck, I may be wrong, but I believe there are many passages in the Bible condemning “shacking up.” But that’s another post.

My point is simply to draw attention to anti-Christian bias in the media. In general, I like Fox News, but I won’t overlook this just because it’s Fox. I’d have written the same thing if I saw this on MSNBC. The only difference is, I expect these types of things from MSNBC and the other All-Barack-All-The-Time news channels.

Ronald Reagan Tribute Video worth watching

Posted by Brutus | Posted in video | Posted on 26-09-2009


Ah, I long for the good old days under Ronald Reagan. I hope we can find someone half as good in 2012.

Netanyahu slams Iran at the UN

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Global News | Posted on 25-09-2009


Ignore the commentary. This is from Al Jazeera, so you know it is slanted.

Obama’s deadly naivety

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Obama | Posted on 24-09-2009


Barack Obama’s hypocrisy and naivety never fail to amaze me. I keep waiting for him to come on during one of his hourly broadcasts to the public and say, “I asked my daughter, ‘Sasha, what scares you most in the world?’ and she said, ‘nuclear weapons and global warming, daddy,’ So I Have to do something about those.”

Obama’s systematic abandonment of Israel and his naive (I am giving him credit there) endorsement of muslim dictators around the world spell disaster for this and future generations. We are still living with the aftershocks of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. One need only look at the Community Reinvestment Act and follow it through to modern days to see how our current economic situation begins with Carter. Like Carter, Obama is an anti-Semite…or at least acts like one. And his speech at the UN yesterday was little more than anti-Israel rhetoric which will aid Islamofascists in their unholy war against the Israelis.

As for hypocrisy, how can Obama say no country should be above another and then demand Israel give something to the Arabs (there’s no such thing as a Palestinian)? It appears even Barack Obama, the “anointed one” has difficulty reconciling his international socialist views with his empty-suit rhetoric.

Perhaps this is why Obama loves Iran

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Obama | Posted on 22-09-2009


Are there any surprises here?

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Hassan Nemazee, a fund-raiser for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, has been indicted for defrauding Bank of America, HSBC and Citigroup Inc out of more than $290 million in loan proceeds, U.S. prosecutors said on Monday.

The announcement follows last month’s indictment of Nemazee, head of a private equity firm and an Iranian American Political Action Committee board member, on one count of defrauding Citigroup’s Citibank. (Full story)

Perhaps this is why Obama seems so gung ho for the anti-semitic dictator of Iran, Ahmadinejad, to have nukes. That way, Obama an help his muslim allies while destroying his Jewish enemy. Then again, it may just be that Obama has never met a dictator he didn’t like or agree with.

Best Anti Obama shirts & stuff

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Obama | Posted on 22-09-2009


These are some of the best anti-Obama shirts and designs I’ve found on Cafepress. No, none of these belong to me.

For these and more, click here: cafepress

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