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Conservative Thought – Please Pass It On

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 18-09-2009


I’m going to start off this post encouraging you to circulate this. Copy & paste it into emails. Link to it. Whatever feels appropriate, but if you believe like I do, pass this along to a couple of people.

All that I am, all that I have, I owe to my country and my God. My country has given me the opportunity to succeed or fail. My God has given me direction. My country has grown the food which has sustained me and my God has nourished me in ways food could not. My God has given me inalienable rights and my country–in the form of millions of men and women in uniform–have defended those rights for me.

I owe everything to my country and my God.

But I owe nothing to my government.

John Kennedy’s famous words were not “ask what you can do for your government.” They were “Ask what you can do for your country.”

My country is the black woman next door; the elderly man who fills my air conditioner with freon; the teen behind the counter at McDonald’s; the rancher who raises cattle; the farmer who grows my vegetables; and the Wall Street worker who tries to keep my investments secure. My country is the men and women who not only put their name on the line, but their lives when they sign those papers and join the military. My country is the idea that all men and women, regardless of class, race, political belief, religion, or sexual preference are created equal.

It is to these people and this dream that I owe my allegiance.

Somewhere along the way, some of America’s foundation has eroded. My government now believes I owe it my life and all that I gain. I do not.

Congress, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and every politician–whether republican or democrat, Federal or Local–should remember this. It is not we who are indebted, but they! My country elevated them to a position of guardianship. That doesn’t mean they are above anyone else, but that We, the People, invested our sacred trust in them, that they would represent our allegiance to our country by preserving the Constitution and perpetuating freedom and liberty for future generations.

I think sometimes they forget these principles. It is rarely the best man or woman for the job in Washington. Barney Frank, John McCain, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, etc., these people are only there because they were able to generate millions of dollars in campaign contributions. I know many of my countrymen who would make better senators and representatives, but who will never find their name on a ballot because they do not pander to special interest groups or major lobbyists.

Despite how much tainted money these people can garner from particular blocks, it is still We, the People, that elevate them. And for that, they owe us everything they have. The government owes the country unwavering loyalty, not the other way around.

Our ancestors fought, suffered, and died to pass the torch of liberty to us. Now We, the People, have the obligation of passing that torch to the next generation. If the men and women in Washington will not represent the ideals of our Founders and refuse to defend the Constitution, then we owe it to ourselves, our ancestors, and our posterity to revoke their right to govern–to remove them from their elevated stations and to replace them with men and women who will preserve America and help us pass that torch on to our children and grandchildren.


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Hank Johnson Racist Anus of the Month

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 16-09-2009


In case you haven’t heard yet, President Obama is black. That means, if you are not black and oppose him, you are a racist. If you are black and oppose him, you’re an Uncle Tom owned by republicans and huge corporations.

Yes, America has a checkered past when it comes to civil rights, but how in the world did we do a complete 180? And by that, I mean we still have a problem with civil rights, but in the opposite direction. Yes, I’m saying it. No, I’m not a racist.

In 1955, young Emmett Till, a black teen was murdered for whistling at a white woman. Today, we have new Klans headed by men like Al Sharpton and Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA). Johnson, the Grand Wizard of the Georgia division of the Krazy Kook Klan  said that Joe Wilson’s comment that Obama was lying would inspire racism in America. He added, “I guess we’ll probably have folks putting on white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside, intimidating people.”

Mr. Johnson, racism is alive and well as you and your ilk demonstrate. Incapable of mounting a logical response, you do as the klansmen of days gone by did. You attempt to terrorize your opponents into silence. If you can’t resolve an issue with facts, you look at skin color and use that as a basis for trying to utterly destroy a person’s reputation and livelihood.

Racism is not just about white people lynching black people. Racism is the practice of giving preferential or prejudiced treatment based upon ethnicity. So, when morons like Hank Johnson make asinine statements invariably condemning the entire white race for holding an opinion contrary to President Obama’s, that is also racist.

The only way we will ever progress as a society where race is concerned is when we stop blaming skin color for everything. Barack Obama isn’t the Black President of the United States. Nor is he the President of the Black United States. Barack Obama is simply, The President…OURPresident whether we agree with his policies or not. Differences of political opinion have nothing to do with skin color. If they did, then all whites would only oppose 50% of President Obama’s opinions. Now, how we’re to decide which opinions come from his white ancestry and which come from his black heritage, I’m unsure. Thank God normal Americans (of every ethnic, political, and gender group) aren’t racist and don’t need to play racial politics.

For being a blatant racist, Mr. Johnson wins the Anus of the Month Award.


CNN Bias in 6 mins or less

Posted by Brutus | Posted in MSM | Posted on 12-09-2009


With all the angry people descending on DC for the 9-12 protest, I decided to check out CNN.

From 2:00 to 2:06, they ran an article on Obama’s campaign / propaganda speech in MN today and followed it immediately with another piece about a pro-health care group in Miami holding a rally. At that “rally” there were about 200 people. CNN showed one of the speakers bashing opponents of socialized medicine and then interviewed an attendee for a moment.

As if hoping to demonstrate CNN is balanced and trustworthy, the anchor (Fredricka Whitfield) said something to the extent of “To show not everyone agrees with President Obama’s plan, here is a live shot from the mall at Washington DC.” They showed about five seconds from a distance while she spoke. And then they cut to the next story–Afghanistan.

Is it any wonder CNN has flagging numbers?

Calling BS on Health Care

Posted by Brutus | Posted in health care | Posted on 11-09-2009


I heard it reported the other day that most Americans want Obama and Congress to start over with the health care bill. I’m calling BS!

Perhaps I am wrong, but I believe most Americans are like me. Congress doesn’t need to start over with a new bill and more legislation. They need to STOP!

The rising costs of health care have nothing to do with a doctor’s greed running an industry of need. There are two main reasons costs continue to increase:

  1. Lack of competition
  2. Lawyers and frivolous lawsuits

Both of these are the results of government intervention.

In an 1897 Supreme Court case (Allgeyer v Louisiana), it was determined that Americans have a right to contract with businesses out of state. However, our current government (not just Obama’s admin) have mandated health insurance cannot cross state lines. Let’s see…who are the beneficiaries of this? Insurance companies and the politicians that represent them. By creating an environment where citizens of Alabama cannot buy health insurance from XYZ Health Care of New York, the government has kept competition in Alabama to a minimum, allowing the predominant insurers to maintain control at whatever premium they desire.

On top of this, trial lawyers (of which many of our current Congress were), are allowed to pervert our justice system for personal gain. Then, once they have enough money, they can have an affair and run for the position of Vice President. How about this for a solution: trial lawyers must pay the defendant’s court fees up front and out-of-pocket. They cannot get these fees from the plaintiff. If the plaintiff wins, the lawyer gets the money refunded and a 25% commission, up to $50,000 and not a penny more.  So, bang-for-buck so to speak, it is never in a lawyer’s interest to seek more than $200,000. At that point, he or she is losing money that could be spent preparing and working on another trial.

Here’s an amazing thought. In less than 400 words, I just summed up the problem and fixed it. So, why does Congress need 1,000 pages to do the same?

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You have no right to health care

Posted by Brutus | Posted in health care | Posted on 09-09-2009


Health care is not a right. It’s that simple. Those who argue it is do not understand what a right is.

To understand why, let’s first look at the Declaration of Independence and then move on from there.

Our inalienable rights are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Actually, before it was the pursuit of happiness, it was property. Fundamental rights were life, liberty, and property.

The Constitution does not grant us any rights, because it cannot do so. Even an amendment cannot grant us a right. Rights are natural occurrences. The object of government is solely to protect rights (and eventually, as it devolves into despotism, the design of government is to limit or destroy rights–but that’s another post). The Bill of Rights grants us nothing. It  simply protects several enumerated rights of We the People, by expressly limiting government authority.

Having a right of property means you have the right to the fruit of your labor. Say you are walking through an unowned field with a friend and pick an apple up from the ground, the apple is yours. You are the one who bent to pick it up. And you are the one who wiped it off to make sure it was clean. Your labor makes it yours. Your friend has no right to say, “You owe me half because I am walking with you.” But this is what those who try to frame health care as a “right” do. Essentially, they say, because I am walking through time with you, you owe me part of your labor.

A doctor’s practice is labor. How can anyone claim to own (or be owed) a piece of his labor without recompense? The argument that some people need it, but cannot afford it is a foolish red herring. Consider this: everyone needs food more frequently than health care. Does that mean we have a fundamental right to eat other people’s food? Can we now all go to any restaurant or grocery store and simply devour whatever we desire without paying for it? And we need transportation to get to work, friends’ houses, etc. Shall we now take the fruit of Ford’s labor and give it to everyone  who cannot afford it simply because they need it?

Like food, cars, and designer jeans, health care is only a right in as much as one can trade or barter for another’s labor.  Framing the debate as a “right to affordable health care” is as silly as saying everyone has a right to affordable yachts and inexpensive Air Jordan tennis shoes.

Quick Obama Joke

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Humor | Posted on 03-09-2009



What does Barack Obama have in common with Monica Lewinsky?

They both suck in the White House

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On health care GOP acting like democrats again!

Posted by Brutus | Posted in health care, Republicans, RINOs | Posted on 01-09-2009


I don’t care if it is a GOP idea. It’s not conservative. Conservative means conserving the original ways. To create a ridiculous “Bill of Rights” for seniors (or for any group) is outlandish. On top of that, it is a disgrace to the true Bill of Rights. Here’s a message for Michael Steele and all the republicans who sign on to this:

Rather than acting like democrats, cowtowing to special interest groups, why don’t you grow some cojones and behave like men and women who love America?

America is not a mass of people. America is not a collection of 50 states. America is an idea that all people should be free. That government intervention–especially at a federal level–should be minimal. That We, the People, can live our lives without some fat, bloated bureaucrat drunk on the wine of his own power telling us what we should and should not do.

A “Senior Health Care Bill of Rights” is not an answer to Obama’s socialized medicine. Labeling that silly piece a Bill of Rights is little more than polticking. Call it what it is: garbage. It’s nothing more than a list of talking points you hope will score points with the elderly come 2010 and 2012.

Want ideas for health care reform?

  1. Get out of the way! – You people in DC do more harm than good with every bill you pass
  2. Allow insurance companies to sell across state lines
  3. End medicare, social security, etc now.  Use the census data to determine how many seniors are alive. Allow those who are 40 or 45+ to participate since they have already paid in for more than half their working life. As the population of currently 40+ dwindles (as it will every year) reduce those taxes by that percentage each year.
  4. READ THE CONSTITUTION! You have no right or authority for 90% of what you legislate.
  5. Tort reform. Yes, it’s a bit like cannibalism, since you flesh-eating zombies in DC are mostly a bunch of ambulance chasers turned elected despot, but cut down on the frivolous lawsuits and cap potential gains and the cost of health care won’t go up every year.

I’m always available if you need more real ideas about how to lead this country by way of the Constitution. I may not get milions of votes each year because I haven’t sold my soul, but I know how to read and I know the difference between right and wrong…which apparently, is more than anyone can say for you people!

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