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A Modest Proposal

Posted by Brutus | Posted in immigration | Posted on 22-04-2009


Have no fear, I will not suggest we eat illegal aliens. I do, however, have a plan for how to fix several problems all at the same time.

We can’t escape the problems facing our nation. Every time we turn on the news or pick up a paper we read about:

  • Unemployment
  • Illegal aliens
  • The Bailout
  • Flailing auto manufacturers
  • Struggling airlines
  • Border violence/gangs

I have a solution that fixes all of these problems.

We’re told by politicians with -R and -D after their name that we cannot round up the illegal aliens and send them back. Now, I suppose if 15 million people refused to pay their taxes, the government would find a way to round them up. But that’s another blog post in itself. Sensible Americans know it isn’t a matter of being unable, but one of being unwilling. The majority of our elected officials are unwilling to upset a potential voting block or the corporations that line the pockets of our “representatives.” All the same, I issue this modest proposal for those who are willing, but just too stupid to figure it out.

  1. We pay American contractors to build distribution centers in various areas around the country. Six or seven facilities should do the trick, but we could do one in each state.
  2. As criminal aliens are picked up, we place them in these holding centers. Besides the jobs created by their construction, these facilities will require workers. So more jobs are created.
  3. Rather than giving stimulus money to GM, we pay GM and other auto manufacturers to build large buses and vehicles for the transportation of criminal aliens to these centers. They can even be hybrids if BO wants them to be green.
  4. We then contract with the failing airlines. Instead of giving them our hard-earned money for nothing, we pay them for flights to Mexico and perhaps some other points of origin. Then we fly most criminal invaders back home.
  5. Those we do not fly back, those that are already close to the border, can be placed on additional buses purchased from GM, Chrysler, etc. to drive them back over the border.
  6. This means the auto and airline industries must actually do something for federal payment. Furthermore, it creates additional jobs as drivers will be required.

All of the above will get the invaders out of the country, but will not keep them out. So, here are a few possible additional steps.

  • Help stimulate the economy and create jobs by actually constructing a wall between the US and Mexico
  • If people object to paying for American workers, then take the criminal aliens and force them to build a wall. While some people may object, equating this with slavery, it is not so. A person who enters this country twice without permission is a felon. The Constitution allows for forced labor of criminals.
  • If you don’t like walls, build outposts every couple of miles and man them with guards. Develop and implement a motion-activated sensor system that alerts the guards when someone is attempting to violate our sovereignty. (Thereby propping up the tech sector). Also have electrified razor wire between the towers. Armed guards are then dispatched to collect or shoot any invaders. (Killing the criminal will cut down on the recidivism rate)
  • For those who think this is too cruel, we can use illegal aliens to man some of the posts with the promise of naturalization after a year or two of service. Of course, there will have to be a couple of confirmed kills. This would be like their citizenry test–a way of ensuring they want to be here. Any caught taking bribes would be imprisoned or flown to and dropped off in Antarctica. If they make their way back to the US after that, we will give them a choice. Go back to their country of origin or become a lab rat (keeping the PETA nuts happy, because these illegal aliens will be the test subjects instead of friendly puppies)

By doing this, especially defending our sovereignty with the shooting of invaders, we will effectively stem the tide of drugs coming into our country. Certain death has a way of deterring people looking for some quick cash.

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