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Neosocialists revive a target

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, RINOs | Posted on 22-04-2009


In order for socialism to thrive, it must foment class warfare and demonize a political enemy. The president of the United (Socialist) States of America, Barack Obama, gained power by this very method.

It’s no secret the GOP lost its way. In many respects, republicans are still just as dazed as confused as they were a year ago. Rather than living up to the oath they swore–to protect and defend the Constitution–many have jumped in bed with the democratic neosocialists, giving us TARP, bailouts, and a host of other crap. Many refuse to defend our borders and protect our sovereignty against an invasion of criminal aliens. But this is not about the republicans, per se.

As I stated, socialism requires a target. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) wants to have a “bipartisan” investigation into Bush-era interrogation of terrorists. But why? What is the point?

Obama and the democrats know they won the past election due to malaise on the right. Many republicans refused to vote or voted for Obama as a way of expressing distaste for the lackluster performance of republicans and many so-called conservatives. Now that Obama is nearing the end of his first (embarrassing) 100 days, citizens will begin scrutinizing him more heavily. Since the Congress is led by the neosocialists now, they cannot continue to blame everything on Bush. If people forget about Bush, they will start looking to the democrats¬†for action and answers. The only way to keep blame from themselves is to repeat the mantra, “We inherited this” and to keep the whipping boy alive. After all, if the boy dies, someone will have to take his place. Without a suitable target in sight, Obama and his neosocialist sycophants know the best hope at misdirection and deflection is a lengthy period of investigations into the Bush Administration.

This show trial will placate the left–which has never gotten past the Clinton Trial. It also allows democrats and Obama to constantly revive Bush as an excuse for all their shortcomings.¬†As always, rather than taking responsibility for their failures, these neosocialists are like the guy at work who tries to pull everyone else down in hopes of making himself look better. If they play their cards right–and I am sure they will–these Stalin-esque trials will continue until around October 20, 2010. At that point, there will be a huge finding against Bush and his administration. It will come just in time to demonstrate to voters why they should choose another socialist instead of a republican.

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