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Gore, CO2, & BS

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Environment | Posted on 24-04-2009


Multiple graphs demonstrate carbon dioxide levels lag after the temperature, that is CO2 increases after temperatures rise and decreases after the earth cools.

An article in the Environment & Climate News  from March 2008 concludes:

[T]emperature change is the cause, not the result, of changing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

It is likely Al Gore, the first apostle of the messaiah, knows this. Still, he and Chairman maObama continue their revolutionary struggle against the people of this country. Today, Gore stated passing cap & trade would solve all the our ailments. It would fix the environment, the economy, and national security. Now, unless Gore refuses to let Obama breathe (because exhaling causes CO2), nothing but the removal of Obama will fix our national security. As long as Obama is the Master of America, no one except our enemies are safe. But that’s another post.

Here’s where Gore and the messaiah plan to fool Americans. Many scientists claim we are entering a period of global cooling. As the earth cools, CO2 levels will drop. In typical narcissistic fashion, these enemies of the People & Liberty will claim they alone are responsible for saving the world from itself.

Check out Global Warming Hoaxto learn more about the lies being spoon-fed to us.

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