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Start Trials Here

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Economy | Posted on 24-04-2009


If I were a dictatorial socialist with an evil plan to conquer Americans and draw them under the chains of my despotism, I would devise a plan whereby my ministry of propaganda could disseminate invidious information through their various outlets like CNN, CBS, etc.

I would further enhance my stronghold on the poor by fostering class envy. I would even win some people to my side by creating a common enemy.

Indeed, I would encourage someone on the Senate Banking Committee to include language that stated executives could receive their bonus pay. Then, I would look down from my throne at my unworthy subjects and point out to them how the evil bourgeois members of society stole from them; how as my subjects go hungry, the executives eat well and drive SUV murder machines.

Yes, I would pull an AIG.

That’s where we should begin the trials. Leave the CIA alone. Let us investigate whether the Executive branch violated the checks and balances of the Constitution by pressuring the Legislative branch to create a situation whereby they could target and demonize sovereign citizens of the United States. While we’re at it, we should investigate the entire Senate Banking Committee and the Financial Services Committee. Who did Barney Frank know and when did he know him? And what part did Frank’s romance play in the economic situation?

Rather than worrying about what might have happened to a handful of murderous terrorists at the hands of American heroes, Congress should step aside and allow an independent body to investigate their trillions of crimes against the American people.

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