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Islamorage & the ACLU

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 24-04-2009


I’ve been wondering this recently. Perhaps someone can explain this.

Left-wing nuts like those filling the halls of the ACLU, Congress, and the White House say our waterboarding of terrorists makes the islamofascists angry. Then, to prove their point, Chairman maObama and his band of sashaying merry men produce and point with limp wrists at photos as evidence of torture. ”This,” they say with hissy voices, “makes everyone hate America.”

Okay. If that’s the case, why were many of the people picked up on battlefields? But let us assume these were good and kind-hearted terrorists, that they are nothing more than misunderstood souls who believe nothing says I love you like a C4 belt. You know, the kind of people Barry O believes them to be. Why would he then want to give them explosives and belts so they could prove their love of America?

My questions go beyond just the kooky hippies and communists running our government to even the Conservatives and Republicans. We say showing these pictures puts our troops in harm’s way (God bless our brave troops). But does it really? Perhaps “why?” is the better question.

Why would an islamofascist be upset by seeing KSM get dunked? These are the same vile people who made and distributed a film of themselves cutting off people’s heads. Hmm. Cutting someone’s head off with a dull blade…good. Pouring water on someone’s face…torture.

I don’t think so. I think the neosocialists in Congress, Chairman maObama, and the ACLU (AlQaeda & Communists’ Lawyers Union) know the stuff is good propaganda for tarnishing America’s image in bastions of civil liberties like Sudan, but will not truly enrage the rabid dogs. However, they play it up as a way of giving excuse for future acts of violence against that section of America they hate–the military. “Ooh, if we didn’t put a caterpillar in that box with a loving terrorist, that IED wouldn’t have gone off next to that Hummer killing two and maiming three Americans.”

I also believe the outrage these benevolent bomb-wearers express is false. Can a mass murderer truly be angry when someone swats a fly? They know that every time America’s internal, cancerous enemies (listed above) declassify photos and memos, it is a license to do whatever they please without fear of backlash. In some regards, they are like the morons smashing windows and looting stores after a basketball championship. They know that rotting part of America will join forces with them and condemn Americans instead of them.

At this moment I am concluding it is not the photos that put or troops in harm’s way or make them less safe, but rather the willingness of traitors in our government and other agents on our soil to betray America that emboldens the islamofascists and spurs them into action.

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