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Old dogs, old tricks, old hat

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, Obama | Posted on 11-11-2008


Every election, it seems like it’s the same old thing. Democrats pull out all the stops. They pull every trick out of their thick, ancient book and begin playing them one after another. In 2004, five democrats slashed the tires of 25 vans the GOP was going to use in order to “get out the vote.” One of the accused was the son of a democratic Congresswoman. Was that voter intimidation? Nah, just a harmless, misguided prank.

This election cycle, we saw democrats abusing their power and resources in order to attack Joe Wurzelbacher, commonly referred to as Joe the Plumber. Helen Jones-Kelley, a director at Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services, ordered underlings to investigate everything possible about Joe, hoping to turn up dirt because he asked her candidate a question. Let me rephrase that. She did it because the answer her candidate gave made him look bad. Naturally, Joe was at fault for Obama’s answer.

As Michelle Malkin put it, a “whistleblower came forward . . . and said she was ordered to rummage through Joe The Plumber’s records.”

Who hasn’t seen the video of the Black Panthers as

they stood at the voting poll, one wielding a billy club? Why were they there? Security. At least that was the answer the man with the club gave. Who would challenge him on that? He had a club for Pete’s sake.

And then there were republican poll watchers who were tossed out of the polls–also in Philadelphia. According to, republicans were kicked out of at least a half-dozen election sites. With tactics like this, it’s no wonder Philadelphia typically records a 4-1 vote for democrats over republicans.

In Ohio, we also had ACORN submitting over 600,000 voter registrations. Over 200,000 were caught as fakes. What is rarely mentioned when discussing this is the fact that while ACORN was registering Mickey Mouse to vote, early registration was also taking place. So, it is possible some of the remaining 400,000 registrations submitted by ACORN also allowed people to vote early and often. There were also stories of ACORN people picking up homeless people in Michigan, registering them, and getting them to vote for Obama.

And in Florida, we had some “teachers” taking students to the polls to vote. Why? As history has demonstrated, young voters tend to vote liberal by an overwhelming majority. Since the same holds true for older teachers, it does not take much speculation to understand why these liberal propagandists wanted to carry their youngsters to the polls. It meant guaranteed votes for the Obamanites’ candidates from a youth that might otherwise be too stupid and lazy to go to the polls on their own accord.

What’s sad about all of this is the fact that democrats think it’s okay. Stuffing ballot boxes, intimidating voters, and guaranteeing no one is around to watch if they do something a little underhanded is perfectly okay, as long as their guy wins. I wonder, though, what would be said if these tricks were employed by the republicans and McCain won.

My guess is, we’d still be in court and listening to them demand a re-vote.

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