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Learn Spanish or Get Left Behind

Posted by Brutus | Posted in immigration | Posted on 02-05-2009


With all the news about how Obama is turning us into a socialist country, redistributing wealth from investors into the hands of the unions, something else has gone relatively unnoticed.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) heads the Senate subcommittee on immigration. On Thursday he had a meeting entitled, ”Immigration Reform in 2009: Can We Do It and How?” Wih estimates of 12-20 million illegals in the country, you can bet you bottom dollar the democrats will be looking for a way to grant them and their families amnesty, bringing the number to more than 100 million perhaps. Remember, the democrats want this because Hispanic voters turned out 2-to-1 for Obama. Just think of all those votes democrats will get when Schumer and the neosocialists get done betraying this country.

Republican traitors in the government are seeing dollar signs. Imagine all those PAC dollars from agri-businesses that capitalize on artifically low wages due to illegals.

I suspect within a year or two after that, when we call Congress we will get a recording that says, “Gracias por llamado el gobierno de los estados unidos. Por ingles, oprima ocho.”

Our politicians think we are stupid. They continue to tell us that deportation of these invaders is not possible. Let’s be honest. We could deport them, but the government dosn’t want to. Illegal aliens mean votes and money. With recent statistics demonstrating that Hispanics are now a larger minorty than black Americans, both parties are afraid they will see a backlash from Hispanics who are here legally.

Defending our sovereignty, our Constitution, and our laws is not racism. It is the responsibility of the government that We the People empower. If the politicians refuse to defend us from the invaders from the South, why do we even bother to have a border and immigration laws?

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