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Our Revolution

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, Obama, Republicans, RINOs | Posted on 22-05-2009


When Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech in 1775, the audience sat in stunned silence. Like Sam Adams, Mr. Henry was a little too radical for many in those conventions. Mr. Henry was prescient enough to recognize what was on the horizon. Today, we sit in a similar position.

Instead of King George, we have King Obama. Just as the old king made decrees and violated the rights of liberty and property, so too, Barack Obama rules by decree and fiat. He has set himself up as the chief executive of everything in America, going so far as to rewrite contract law by word of mouth.

Whereas the British king had the House of Commons, we have Democrats. The radical leftists in Congress rubber stamp everything King Obama decrees. They labor to enslave the American People under their laws and taxation.

And in place of Tories (loyalists to the Crown on American soil), we have Republicans–more so RINOs. Men like John McCain and morons like Meghan McCain, and countless other sympathizers of the Crown in DC have no interest in preserving our freedoms. They are only interested in preserving their power and using us to secure their wealth and control.

Is slavery more palatable because it has a -R after the master’s name? God forbid!

Our government has systematically abandoned the Constitution for the past 80 years. There are no longer checks and balances between the branches. Neither are the principles of federalism recognized. The states have been reduced to agents of a national (instead of federal) government. And We, the People, have been reduced to slaves with the sole purpose of paying for the whimsical government’s initiatives and capricious plans for wealth redistribution.

Just as the Tories did not help these United States win independence from the despotic government in Britain, our modern Tories will not assist in securing the blessings of Liberty for Americans. The coming revolution will be bloodless. It will require the mobilization of minute men armed with knowledge instead of muskets. Reason dictates that ballots, not bullets, decide the revolution. The only casualties will be the careers of lifelong traitors to the Constitution like John Murtha and Lindsey Graham.

We’ve had our tea parties. We’ve redressed our grievances to a deaf ear in DC. And now the King’s men have fired upon the Patriots with weapons of mass taxation. The war for American independence has started anew.

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