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Letter to my senator on HR627 (Credit Card Bill of Rights)

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 23-05-2009


Dear Senator Sessions,

I am a registered Republican, but consider myself a conservative first. I voted for you and had every intention of voting for you again. I would even support a presidential bid should you decide to run, but I write not to praise you at this moment. Instead, I write to express my dismay and contempt for your recent vote on HR627.

The negative impacts of a bill like this on the majority of credit card holders is self evident. The primary goal of such a measure is wealth redistribution by forcing the responsible people to cover the costs of the irresponsible.

With Allgeyer v Louisiana (1897), the Supreme Court agreed the right of contract is an inviolable right of a free people. While the enumeration of powers gives Congress the ability to make interstate trade regular, it does not place credit cards within the purview of the federal government. Passage of this bill is one more encroachment of the federal government upon the rights of the sovereign citizens.

I understand a “nay” may have been politicized as a vote against the poor, but a continual degradation or erosion of our rights for political expediency or to succor the irresponsible does not help anyone. As a great mind once said, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” If we continue to bailout states, corporations, and individuals based upon their poor decisions, there is no incentive for them to learn from their mistakes. Rather, they will continue to abide by the failing logic that got them where they currently reside, secure in the knowledge the bloated federal government will come along and bail them out again.

You swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Your recent vote is an assault on that great document and an insult to We, the People. It violates the principles of federalism in favor of a national government that can infringe upon the rights of man at any time. Until this moment, I have been very proud to call you a representative of the great state of Alabama, but I confess at present that I am exceedingly disappointed.

As an average citizen, I doubt my words carry much weight with you. I suspect this correspondence will receive a cursory glimpse from an intern and elicit a form letter in response, perhaps even with a request for donations. I hope my cynicism is unwarranted. I further hope you will keep this letter in mind for the duration of your term representing the sovereign citizens of Alabama.

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