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Chains we can believe in

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Economy, Obama | Posted on 29-05-2009


Marie Antoinette had “Let them eat cake.”

King Obama has “Chains you can believe in.”

For all King Obama rails against short-sighted CEOs and shareholders who sought quick profits, remarkably, he does the same exact thing. His stimulation of the economy is nothing more than a massaging of our pockets to work the wallets out without us feeling it. But, like a magician uses sleight-of-hand, so too does our ferocious king (who according to some reports pulled a sword from a stone after he resurrected himself).

As one hand massages our backsides, some of us coo and purr, enjoying the petting. Others of us focus on the wallet mysteriously rising out of the pocket. And while we concentrate on these things, Magical King Obama’s other hand slips the bonds of slavery around our ankles. The King’s loyal subjects will point out he is no fool. He is an Ivy League educated prince. So, one must conclude the King is not a floundering dimwit trying to dig his way out of the ocean with a pitchfork. Instead, he is a cunning and calculating idealogue. Like the CEOs and capitalists he despises, King Obama works for a quick profit. His dividends will come in the form of political purchase power and personal credit. Just as the most abominable CEOs burdened their successors with cooked books and faltering corporations, so too King Obama burdens future generations to reap his bonuses.

There is one major difference between King Obama and the bad CEOs. Men like Bernie Madoff bilked millions out of willing participants. King Obama uses a gun and a prison to force everyone to invest in his ridiculous Ponzi schemes. Yes, these are Ponzi schemes. Here’s a quick definition:

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors rather than from any actual profit earned.

Forcing 100 million working families to invest in Government Motors (GM) would be bad enough. But King Obama’s plans so far have been more diabolical. He must first print the money and further indenture America to foreign powers. King Obama’s royal jesters, the UAW and other unions, profit while he garners the “returns” from “subesequent investors” (or in this case future taxpayers–the youth of today).

There are only two options facing Americans today. We can let some corporations fail or we can watch America fail. There is no middle ground here. By laboring to satisfy his Marxist friends, Obama is like a surgeon who injects cyanide into a patient so the man on the table will not feel when the good doctor removes the ingrown toenail. In my estimation, Obama’s cure is worse than the malady. The only thing worse than his working to enslave us is the enslaving of future generations through debt. An entire generation of under18′s and countless generations of unborns are being taxed without representation.

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