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Patriotism = Suspicious Activity?

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 30-05-2009


I’m a simple guy with simple ideas. I love the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Next to the Bible, I think these are the two greatest documents ever penned.

I am pro-immigration, but anti-illegal immigration. The way I see it, if I have to produce two forms of documentation to get a job and children must have social security numbers so the government can track them, there is no reason why the government cannot enforce the laws it has in place regarding the millions of illegal aliens invading these United States.

I am anti-abortion, but believe it is an issue for states to decide, not the federal government. I view abortion as murder. Just as every state has the power to decide its legal statutes regarding murder and the penalties and prosecutions of such, so should they have the right to determine the legality of abortion.

I am anti-gay-marriage, but believe federal acts like the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and any constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage among homosexual couples are, by virtue, unconstitutional. Nowhere in the Constitution does the federal government have the power to force states to recognize or disavow gay couplings. This right is reserved to each state. The people of various states and regions know what is best for their populace. Let the people decide. The courts, whether at a state or federal level, should not legislate from the bench.

I do not advocate violence against anyone–especially not against the government.

That last line is the true purpose of this post. For some reason, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has decided it likes this site. DHS has been here more than a dozen times this month. On top of that, while looking through my logs, I noticed someone else has averaged several visits per day. When I looked up RiverGlass Inc, I found some interesting information. They have a contract with the DHS. According to

 Start-up Company for Homeland Security Software Gains Spotlight

RiverGlass software used to analyze threats in real-time, parse useful threat data

via NewsEdge Corporation
Updated: 02-6-2009 1:20 pm

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Amidst corporate heavyweights in the Illini Union,
was a table for a less known enterprise, RiverGlass Inc., a company
that traces its origins to the University of Illinois.

Part of the first of the two-day Winter 2006 Business Career Fair, the
company specializes in the creation of homeland security software, in
addition to other products that deal with intelligence gathering.

So, this makes me wonder. Shouldn’t these people be monitoring terrorists instead of Constitutionalists? At what point in time did supporting the Constitution become a crime or cause for someone to land on a watch list?

Something is severely wrong when the law of the land becomes odious to the rulers, when patriotism is considered suspicious activity, and when the government feels it has a right and a need to spy on citizens to protect itself from a redress of grievances.

I would be interested in hearing from other conservative bloggers. Is RiverGlass Inc. following you, too?

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