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Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, second amendment | Posted on 12-06-2009


First they came for the the banks,
          But I didn’t care because I wasn’t a banker;

Then they came for the car companies.
          Since I wasn’t the CEO of GM, I didn’t care;

Then they attacked healthcare.
          Not being a doctor, I had nothing to fear.

Then they abused the smokers.
          I thought it was nice they cared about clean air.

Tomorrow they will go after overweight people.
          Always thin, I won’t care when they forbid some people from eating cake.

Then they’ll come after my thoughts.
          Everyone else will cheer that I’m finally a helpless target too.

History has a horrible way of repeating itself and we are seeing that repetition today. While at this point, our place in history bears no moral resemblance to the murder of six million Jews by the Nazis, we are going through the same steps of every past dictatorship. None began with pogroms. They gradually built their way up to genocide.

First, the dictators consolidated power and disarmed the populace both mentally and physically. Using the media as its constant propaganda arm and controlling most methods of production, these past governments chose their targets wisely. They went after the small groups–the homosexuals, the criminals, the disabled. Since the majority of people are none of these things, the majority kept their silence. More than that, the citizens bought the government’s rhetoric when it said it did these things for the greater good.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all targeted the capitalists. They pointed out and played upon the disparity between CEOs and the unskilled workers. They all used class warfare, manipulating man by his jealous nature, as a way of organizing the masses beneath a common banner.

Then they found subsequent targets. For some reason, the Jews have always tended to be one of those easy targets. Perhaps this is because of their small populations or their tight knit community. Whatever the reason, these despotic governments have blamed the Jews for a host of national and worldly ills.

Today, we have a president who won election through manipulation of the masses, playing upon their jealousies. He has consolidated his power, attacking capitalism at its core; removing a CEO who disagreed with him; nationalizing industries; violating contract laws. The majority of Americans seem to support this abuse of power because they do not see how it affects them.

Our current leader further manipulates Americans by their jealousies and fears, convincing them that everyone has better healthcare than they do and by promising them they will surely die if they do not allow the government to socialize medicine.

The government has picked its targets wisely. Now it is going after the smokers and the pig and cow farmers.

At the same time, Obama has begun his anti-semitic rhetoric. His speech to the Muslims of the world, his refusal to treat terrorists as the enemy, his bow to the Saudi king, and his nod to Iran in their pursuit of nukes all signify that Israel stands alone. If that wasn’t enough, we have his pastor claiming “Them Jews” won’t allow Obama to talk to him.

There are only two more steps left to complete. First, the complete prohibition or a drastic reduction in private gun-owner rights so we cannot defend ourselves from the government. Then will come the Holocaust 2.0. My guess is, this one will also begin with the Jews and every one of us that dares try to defend them. After that, anyone who disagrees with the government will be fair game.

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