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TEA Parties, please read and pass it on

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Democrats, Obama, Republicans, RINOs | Posted on 30-06-2009


In a few short days, I’ll be attending a tea party near my home town here in Alabama. When I got wind of it a few weeks ago and heard they were looking for speakers, I decided to e-mail the person and volunteer to speak. There was a caveat to their request for volunteers: Prefer politicians and people running for office.

I shot a quick e-mail to the person that was listed as the coordinator. I told him, I’m no politician, but I’m fiery mad. I asked him to contact me if he was still looking for speakers. He never did. Over the next couple of days, as I waited for a response, I thought about what I’d say.

Politicians should not be speaking at TEA parties. I don’t care if there is a -D, -R, or -I after the person’s name. These are not intended to be an opportunity for a politician to stand there and tell us what they think we want to hear. That’s a bit like cornering the fox in the hen house and then listening to him tell you about the importance of guarding your chickens. Politicians are the reason we need TEA parties. Politicians are the ones who got us into this mess.

Perhaps you are saying, “Not my guy. He’s always . . .”
I say, “Yes, you’re guy!”

Your guy, my gal, your neighbor’s guy–every single one of them has been complicit in this usurpation of powers and rights from the People. For forty-plus years, we’ve sat back and allowed these hooligans in Armanis and Brooks Brothers to pervert the Constitution into something unrecognizable. With no disrespect intended, our politicians are like Michael Jackson’s doctors. They’ve bleached the ink from the parchment and redrawn the lines that gave our government shape and depth. With intensive surgeries, they have given our government a face that looks nothing like the one it started with. 

There is never a right reason for doing the wrong thing. Intentions don’t mean diddly squat. The politician who gives an inch on an unconstitutional law so he can have a victory on his bill is as bad as the devil who drafted that unconstitutional law. Let us take an obvious example: hate crimes. I’m sure a lot of the devils who fight for this legislation have their heart in the right place, but it is simply wrong to have the government declare one person is worth more than another. I don’t care if I am in that special protected class or not.

What are hate crimes laws but the legislation against unpopular thought? Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, we had a similar institution. The only difference was the protected group. Blacks who raped or murdered whites were given harsher punishment for daring to cross social lines and prey upon the protected class. Today, most openly admit that system was racist. So what have our politicians done? They’ve said, “Okay, whites are no longer a protected class. Instead, we’ll give special preference to blacks, Asians, gays, and a host of other minority groups and we’ll punish one group with more zeal than the other.” They have re-instituted racism and rebranded it with a happier-looking face.

The politician’s remedy was as bad as the disease it intended to cure. We traded terminal lung cancer for a case of terminal brain cancer.

But this is not about governmentally institutionalized racism. It is about the government being the problem. As such, it cannot also be the solution. It’s akin to suggesting the appropriate answer to the question 2+2= is 2+2.

Senators, Congressmen and women, state politicians, have all shirked their first responsibility: protecting the Constitution–and thereby our Liberty. They have “played the game.” They have learned to make back room deals. They have been practitioners of quid pro quo, where quid was our rights and quo was something we thought we wanted. Their abject silence on unconstitutional power grabs and laws has made them a part of the problem, much the way a witness who refused to testify against a klansman in the Sixties was just as equally guilty of the blight of racism as the murderous klansman.

If your guy (or gal) has been in office, he needs to sit down and listen. Politicians should be required to attend these parties, but forbidden from speaking. This is our time to speak. We’ve listened long enough. There is no sense in giving them a pulpit so they can deliver a great campaign speech. I don’t care what the fox has to say. It’s time for the farmer to confront the fox.

If you agree, please copy and paste this into an e-mail and pass it along to others. Or copy this link and send others here.…and-pass-it-ontea-parties-please-read-and-pass-it-on/

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