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Spirit of ’76 by Mike Church…coming soon!

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Generic Shopping | Posted on 07-07-2009


Mike Church, my favorite radio talk show host on Sirius Patriot has a new movie coming out about the Constitution in September. As with his incredible Road to Independence, this promises to be an extremely engaging and fact-filled documentary. Unlike some so-called “scholars” today, Mr. Church (“King Dude” to his listeners)  doesn’t rely on the tripe tossed down from blanched men in ivory towers. Instead, he goes directly to the original sources, taking his information from the debates, letters, and writings of our Founding Fathers.

Obama, one of those so-called Constitutional scholars, should watch this and learn what America is truly about. Perhaps I will buy and mail him a copy when the movie comes out.

Here is the information taken from Mike Church’s site:


The long awaited “sneak peek” of the final installment in our Founding Fathers Trilogy “The Spirit of ’76″ and surprise, surprise, we are making our first feature length film to accompany the audio version on radio and CD!

This short film contains the final version of the prologue scene and gives you a glimpse of what the MOVIE, yes we said movie as in DVD, will look like.

We are offering desktop downloads of the short film as well as two versions for iPhone. Pre-sales begin on August 15 th and the world movie premiere is 17 September at the XM Satellite Radio Studios in Washington, DC. Details on getting tickets will be posted here soon.

Pre-Ordering for the 3 Disc set of 2 Audio discs of the feature and the Theatrical release of the film on DVD will begin 1 August, 2009. 

The Full-Size – 43 x 27 inch Movie Poster goes on sale and will be delivered in early August. There will only be 2000 copies, with the first 100 signed and numbered by the artist.

 Check back often for updates on the film, more trailers and “sneak peeks”, production notes and more!

You can download and view the file below and keep in mind that this is the web video version, not the final film or DVD version. The event portrayed is a dramatization of actual events and most of the dialogue between Brockenbrough, Roane and John Taylor is taken from their writings on the “bank case” under the psuedonyms mentioned.

We are going to be organizing a Spirit of ’76 Bomb for Constitution day at Amazon. Our goal is to hit the top 100 in the Music and DVD categories. To accomplish this we will need the help of thousands of Constitution admirers and friends of liberty. Details will be coming up but if you are interested in helping us please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it who is organizing the world premiere party at XM and this effort.



You can download a copy for your desktop by right-clicking  here and selecting “Save Target As…” (This file is almost 78M). Or you can view it online at another website by clicking here.

You can pick up the Road to Independence 3-CD set or pre-order the movie by visiting his site,

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