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The Death of Congress

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 17-07-2009


If it weren’t so downright scary, it would be humorous to watch the death of Congress. That once great body of respectable Americans is now little more than a terminal patient exhaling its tidal breath. Other than the charade of “Liberty,” there is no cause to have a Congress any more. Comrade Obama has appointed at least 32 czars already. These mini dictators follow lock step with our fearless dictator Obama. Best of all (if you are an authoritarian), they answer to no one except dear leader Obama.

It’s amazing that we lasted 233 years with a system of check and balances. Sure, some presidents took extra-constitutional liberties, like Lincoln, FDR, and Wilson, but we always managed to maintain a modicum of republican governance. What lasted those 233 years, however, has been destroyed in just a few months with the election of the most divisive president ever. Using his original 52% of the vote as a means of enslaving the other 48%, Mr. Obama has set himself up as the king of the empire–the dictator of the United socialist States of America.

And Congress, Congress sits back as he circumvents them. Congress smiles and nods as our modern tyrant makes a mockery of them and the Constitution. Congress applauds its own death, knowing once Obama has finished killing them, he will have them stuffed, mounted, and preserved like puppets to do his bidding until the end of his dictatorship.

Oh well, Congress won’t be missed that much. It wasn’t as if they were actually doing their job for the past 40 years. They’ve been too busy campaigning and giving themselves raises.

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