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Making a Mockery of the Supreme Court

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 20-07-2009


Obama, the media, and Congress make a mockery of the Supreme Court. And so does every person who chimes in on the importance of Sonia Sotomayor being the first Hispanic woman nominated for that position.

Yes, I understand everyone is paying homage at the altar of election ballots, trying to hype this so they can possibly pick up a few Hispanics in their tallies come next election cycle. But that doesn’t make it any less disgusting. If a survey came out saying one-in-four Americans have molested a dog at some point in their life, would the next candidate be a puppy-rapist? Would we see and hear all the rhetoric about how great it is we have someone who sexually abuses dogs on the Supreme Court?

What does gene pool have to do with the law? Nothing!

When one segment of people is constantly bowing down to another, begging favor and asking for table scraps because of that group’s ethnicity, we are not a colorblind society. When politicians pander to ethnic or sexual groups, extolling the virtues of that DNA or lifestyle, there is neither equality nor freedom.

Sixty years ago, blacks entered houses through the back doors. They said, “Yaasuh” and “No ma’am,” because they were trying to coddle up to the white folks, looking for crumbs from the table of their unofficial masters. Today, we do exactly the same thing in reverse. Where blacks were once second-class citizens, now whites and heterosexuals of every ethnicity are second class citizens in the eyes of politicians. The first class citizens are the ethnic and sexually different voting blocks.

This kneeling at the feet of Hispanics, praying a rosary of a hundred “Hail Sonias,” is disgusting, because it demonstrates the fact that politicians and the media still cannot look past the color of one’s skin to see the content of their character. Instead, they highlight and extol the virtues of one’s “blackness” or “Hispanicness.” We’ve come to expect this sort of racism from the democrats, but now republicans are playing the racism game, too.

If the Law is The Law, then gender, sexual preference, and ethnicity of a justice will not change the outcome of a decision one Iota. A white man will not render better decisions than a black man based upon his whiteness (we can contrast Justices Warren and Thomas as evidence).

Who cares if Sotomayor is Hispanic? Only a few things should truly matter. Does she revere the Constitution and the Law? Can she look past her Hispanicness and socio-economic status to apply the law equally to everyone, regardless of race or class? (The Ricci case says she cannot). Will she seek to legislate from the bench? (We already have too many justices doing this).

To bring up race or any other voting-block item for a potential justice is to make a mockery of the Supreme Court. It implies neither reason nor law are important, but that justice comes only with representation of special interest groups. If that’s the case, why don’t we figure out how many special interest groups are out there and create a Supreme Court with one person from each? Who cares about the Constitution? It isn’t as if we’re using it these days anyways!

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