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Encounter with a national treasure (WW2 vet)

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 29-07-2009


A couple of days ago, I was in the grocery store and an elderly man passed me as I stopped to look at something. I noticed his ball cap as he walked by. As it happened, he had stopped in the middle of the aisle I went down next. So, I paused to talk to him because of what his hat said: WW II Veteran US Navy.

He didn’t look a day over 68, but promised me he was 84. He joined the USN in 1943 and served in the Pacific. His brother, eight years his senior, joined the army in ’41 and carried a flame thrower during the Okinawa invasion. Both made it back to the States in ’46.

As this member of the Greatest Generation (Mr. Tucker) and I stood and talked, our conversation changed from the War to today’s youthful generations–the under 40-crowd. The brilliance of his blue eyes dulled and a twinge of sadness dimmed his voice as he said, “This modern generation doesn’t deserve (he looked around so as not to offend) shit. They want everything handed to them.” Then he spoke of the Depression and how as an eight-year-old, he suffered along with his family. “These people today, when they want something, they just go and pick it up. They expect everyone to give them everything. No one wants to work for what they want or need.”

Our conversation shifted to the millions of Americans who do not deserve freedom because they are willing to trade liberty for comfort. And we spoke of America’s decline from Liberty and Patriotism into Socialism and a Globalist-mentality over the past 40 years.

In some respects, the twenty minutes I spent conversing with him, reminded me of those old commercials from the Seventies, where the Indian–with a tear in his eye–looked over the countryside at the pollution and trash. This country today is not the great nation he knew as a child.

We have given up so many of our essential liberties in order to feel secure. But what security can there be when a president can rewrite laws at will the way Obama did for GM & Chrysler? What security do we have when the government can accuse you of owing taxes and you are guilty until proved innocent? And what security does a taxpayer have when tax laws only apply to those who are not part of the elitist government?

We traded our only cow for some beans.┬áThese beans will not grow to some giant’s palace in the sky. Worse, they appear to be Mexican jumping beans, complete with lively worms inside.

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