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Obama: Still a Community Organizer

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Obama | Posted on 31-07-2009


President Obama’s meeting with the Harvard professor, Gates, and the Cambridge cop, Crowley, last night was just one more example of Barack Obama’s life as a fish out of water. Like a carp washed up on shore still tries to gulp down the muddy river to sustain its life, so too, Mr. Obama continued with his community activism.

It is not the place of the president to mend fences between neighbors. As my wife said this morning, ‘[President] Obama must have missed orientation day when they handed out his jobs & responsibilities.”

Instead of acting presidential and saying, “I made a mistake. I mis-spoke and apologize to the police,” he couldn’t resist that photo op where he–being both black and white–could act as a bridge between a black man and a white man. I’m waiting for the left wing mainstream media to start talking about the similarities between this event and that great event roughly two thousand years ago, when Jesus Christ–both man and God–bridged the gap between God and men.

It may have been intended as a publicity stunt or a means of damage control for Obama’s acting “stupidly,” but it did nothing except further diminish the magnanimity of the office he holds. This bridging between a cop and a racist Harvard professor with a chip on his shoulder is a job for a community organizer, perhaps even the president of ACORN, but not the president of the United States. What’s next, a barbecue with the Klan and The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition? Next year, instead of children hunting for Easter eggs on the White House lawn, the Obamas plan to have a scavenger hunt where skinheads will hide and Louis Farrakhan and his men will find them. Afterward, they’ll sit at a large table with a black and white gingham table cloth, drinking that free bubble up and eating that rainbow stew as they laugh about how much fun they had.

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