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Adult Curfew: It’s 12:01. Vhere eez your grandmüder?

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 19-08-2009


Politicians of every ilk, democrat andrepublican, have lost touch with reality. Barney Frank looks like a sloppy snob as he snubs his constituents at his town hall meeting. Olympia Snowe voted to put a vocal racist on the Supreme Court. And local governments are finding themselves drunk on their own power. As evidence, we could look at grave injustices such as Kelo v. New London, but let’s look closer to the present.

Paterson, New Jersey is planning a curfew for adults. Just imagine the commercials. “It’s 12:30. Do you know where your parents are? If they’re not at home, send an email to”

As with most ridiculous power grabs by any government, Paterson is doing this for the benefit of We, the People. In a city of roughly 150,000, so far this year, six have been killed and there have been 30 shootings. Yes, 1 out of every 25,000 people has been shot. Therefore, to protect the remaining three people who might get killed this year (they’re averaging .75 homicides a month), Paterson has deemed it necessary to remove the rights of the remaining 149,997 people. It doesn’t matter that the majority of people are good, law abiding citizens. It doesn’t matter that 99.99996% percent of the population will not statistically be homicide victims. What matters is that the government has an opportunity to snatch more power and remove more freedoms from the people.

If Paterson manages to pass this outrageous ban on human rights, I hope every citizen will march to city hall at 12:01 a.m. and wait for the mayor and local police. What will he do, call in the military to start shooting protesters? Every day, between Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and local governments, we are looking more and more like Iran. It’s just a matter of time before these people demand everyone carry travel papers on their way to work and ban all thoughts and words that oppose their despotic agendas.

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