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Get Ready For It! It’s Coming!

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Economy | Posted on 18-11-2008


Forget about the Amero–that standardize dollar to be shared by the US, Mexico, and Canada. Why shoot for the smallest duck flying over the pond when you can easily get the largest one ever?

As the blog Consent of the Governed puts it, when the G20 met the other day:

European Union President, and French Leader Nicholas Sarkozy, is seeking stability in global currencies – perhaps hinting at one global currency.

But it isn’t just that one blogger making the claim. According to PRLog:

Single Global Currency Assn. Urges G20 To Initiate Research And Planning For Single Global Currency. . . . This call for research and planning echoes the work done in Europe in the 1980′s and 1990′s to plan for the euro.  Bonpasse is confident that when a serious examination of the costs and benefits is done, the world will embrace the goal of a Single Global Currency, to be managed by a Global Central Bank within a Global Monetary Union.

While discussing the current global meltdown, the Financial Post speculated:

The other option would be to move toward a global currency or, as a stopgap, currency blocs centered around the greenback, the euro and perhaps the yuan or, if Japan had its way, the yen.

However, the other of that snippet, opined with an air of regret that a global currency probably would not happen.

Clearly, I have my doubts. I believe this idea will pick up steam and before we know it, president-elect Obama, acting as President Obama will surrender our economic sovereignty to some international body.

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