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Ex-Marine to Congressman Baird

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 27-08-2009


I’ve heard this on the radio a few times, but hadn’t seen it. This just about brought tears to my eyes. It’s worth watching and learning this man’s points. Morons like Nancy Pelosi want to paint the right as nazis, but as this man pointed out, that’s inaccurate.

Nazi is an americanized abbreviation of the offical name of the Third Reich Party. NSDAP stood for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (translated National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party). While opposed to the Bolsheviks and Marxists on several key issues, the fact remains, the Nazis were and are a far left wing party. The farthest right one can get is Anarchism. I seriously doubt most of us who go to tea parties and town hall meetings to oppose Obama’s left wing agenda are anarchists. We may be far to the right of Obama, but heck, Mao, Che, Fidel, and Marx are all to the right of Obama as well.

Anti Obama shirt - Times Reader of the (once) Free World - Barack Insane Obama

Anti Obama shirt - Time's Reader of the (once) Free World - Barack Insane Obama

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