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Calling BS on Health Care

Posted by Brutus | Posted in health care | Posted on 11-09-2009


I heard it reported the other day that most Americans want Obama and Congress to start over with the health care bill. I’m calling BS!

Perhaps I am wrong, but I believe most Americans are like me. Congress doesn’t need to start over with a new bill and more legislation. They need to STOP!

The rising costs of health care have nothing to do with a doctor’s greed running an industry of need. There are two main reasons costs continue to increase:

  1. Lack of competition
  2. Lawyers and frivolous lawsuits

Both of these are the results of government intervention.

In an 1897 Supreme Court case (Allgeyer v Louisiana), it was determined that Americans have a right to contract with businesses out of state. However, our current government (not just Obama’s admin) have mandated health insurance cannot cross state lines. Let’s see…who are the beneficiaries of this? Insurance companies and the politicians that represent them. By creating an environment where citizens of Alabama cannot buy health insurance from XYZ Health Care of New York, the government has kept competition in Alabama to a minimum, allowing the predominant insurers to maintain control at whatever premium they desire.

On top of this, trial lawyers (of which many of our current Congress were), are allowed to pervert our justice system for personal gain. Then, once they have enough money, they can have an affair and run for the position of Vice President. How about this for a solution: trial lawyers must pay the defendant’s court fees up front and out-of-pocket. They cannot get these fees from the plaintiff. If the plaintiff wins, the lawyer gets the money refunded and a 25% commission, up to $50,000 and not a penny more.  So, bang-for-buck so to speak, it is never in a lawyer’s interest to seek more than $200,000. At that point, he or she is losing money that could be spent preparing and working on another trial.

Here’s an amazing thought. In less than 400 words, I just summed up the problem and fixed it. So, why does Congress need 1,000 pages to do the same?

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