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CNN Bias in 6 mins or less

Posted by Brutus | Posted in MSM | Posted on 12-09-2009


With all the angry people descending on DC for the 9-12 protest, I decided to check out CNN.

From 2:00 to 2:06, they ran an article on Obama’s campaign / propaganda speech in MN today and followed it immediately with another piece about a pro-health care group in Miami holding a rally. At that “rally” there were about 200 people. CNN showed one of the speakers bashing opponents of socialized medicine and then interviewed an attendee for a moment.

As if hoping to demonstrate CNN is balanced and trustworthy, the anchor (Fredricka Whitfield) said something to the extent of “To show not everyone agrees with President Obama’s plan, here is a live shot from the mall at Washington DC.” They showed about five seconds from a distance while she spoke. And then they cut to the next story–Afghanistan.

Is it any wonder CNN has flagging numbers?

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