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Obama’s deadly naivety

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Obama | Posted on 24-09-2009


Barack Obama’s hypocrisy and naivety never fail to amaze me. I keep waiting for him to come on during one of his hourly broadcasts to the public and say, “I asked my daughter, ‘Sasha, what scares you most in the world?’ and she said, ‘nuclear weapons and global warming, daddy,’ So I Have to do something about those.”

Obama’s systematic abandonment of Israel and his naive (I am giving him credit there) endorsement of muslim dictators around the world spell disaster for this and future generations. We are still living with the aftershocks of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. One need only look at the Community Reinvestment Act and follow it through to modern days to see how our current economic situation begins with Carter. Like Carter, Obama is an anti-Semite…or at least acts like one. And his speech at the UN yesterday was little more than anti-Israel rhetoric which will aid Islamofascists in their unholy war against the Israelis.

As for hypocrisy, how can Obama say no country should be above another and then demand Israel give something to the Arabs (there’s no such thing as a Palestinian)? It appears even Barack Obama, the “anointed one” has difficulty reconciling his international socialist views with his empty-suit rhetoric.

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