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Obama Lying Again? Or just hiding the truth?

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, Obama | Posted on 27-09-2009


Last night, during one of his Castro-like speeches, the overexposed Obama made a comment at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner to the extent of:

“At the G20, Michelle and I were shaking hands and one leader–I’m not going to say who–pulled me aside and said, ‘Explain this health care thing to me. I don’t understand. You want to give them health care and they draw Hitler moustaches on you.’”

Okay…first, call me a skeptic or cynical, but I wonder if the reason our Circumlocutor-in-Chief didn’t name names was because it didn’t happen. He has already been caught lying about a man who died from cancer because insurance companies wouldn’t treat him, when evidence shows the man’s insurance was reinstated within a few weeks. So, perhaps the conversation never took place. As it stands, by not saying with whom this supposedly transpired, each of the other 19 members may simply assume it was someone else. But if Obama tossed out a name, that person might say, “That never happened.”

Perhaps, though, it did happen and the reason Obama doesn’t cite the source is because it would be more embarassing to admit he has someone like China’s communist dictator Hu Jintao or Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev supporting his plans for creating a Socialist States of America. Heck, it may have even been Obama’s spiritual leader, King Abdullah from Saudi Arabia–how can we forget Barack Obama prostrating himself before the leader of the Muslim world?

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