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Tired of Obama? read this

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Obama | Posted on 29-09-2009


At times, it bothers me that Barack Obama tends to be in campaign mode 24/7. In the past couple of months, he’s given about 120 speeches–mostly on health care–has pandered to his leftist base by throwing Israel under the bus and trying to appease every dictator the world over, and now is heading to Europe to repay some political favors by trying to get the Olympics in the “City of Corrupt Politics,” Chicago.


I try to be a glass-half-full person. The glass-half-empty person only sees the above. Me, I see something great about what Obama is doing. Now, now. Bear with me.

Every time Barack Obama opens his mouth, his approval rating spikes then drops below where it was. The more he talks about socialized medicine for America, the less people want it. The more he bows to Saudi Kings and tries to become the lap dog of dictators like Chavez, Castro, and Ahmadinejad, the more patriotic Americans become. President Obama appears to be his own worst enemy. His endless overexposure on the All-Barack-Channels has polarized the nation more than G. W. Bush ever did and has steeled the resolve of millions of previously apolitical people against going into the dark night of socialism. Like carter, he will probably be a one-term president and the forerunner of another Reagan.

Keep it up, Mr. President. You’re doing a bang up job!

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