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Obama’s hourly address to We, his servants

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Obama | Posted on 09-10-2009


So, Obama just had another one of his hourly addresses to his minions via the telehypnosis device. His logic is we need new and more government agencies to protect the people from powerful business lobbyists.

This totally ignores the problem. Congress and Obama are allowing lobbyists and PAC dollars to influence them in ways that hurt the American public while buying politicians houses in the Dominican Republic. Therefore, lobbyists aren’t the problem, corrupt politicians are!

So, how’s this for reform?

Forbid all lobbying and PACs. Make it illegal for corporations or entities (including non-profits such as RAINBOW, NAACP, or the AMA) to give money to political campaigns. Further, make it illegal for these entities to solicit money for any candidate or party. Create a maximum $500,000 a candidate can receive or spend on any campaign. All other donations in excess of $500K will go to subsidize 3rd party candidates…after all, Obama loves spreading the wealth around.

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