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Al Qaeda isn’t a threat

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Obama | Posted on 22-10-2009


When I was young, the Russians were our enemy. The Iranians also despised us, but it was the Russians we feared most. We worried bout their plans for global domination. Then Ronald Reagan came along and changed everything. He undid the anti-patriotic, suicidal anti-Americanism Jimmy Carter fostered. Reagan encouraged Americans to love their country once more. He helped free East Germany, Poland, and millions of others in the Soviet Bloc.

Now, in some respects, I wish he hadn’t. It was easier when our enemies were without. It was easier when we could point to a place on a map and say, “Here. These people want to destroy our way of life.” When we placed that finger to the page, it was on the other side of th world. Yes, we fought communism in Central America and saw it rise in Africa, but they were always somewhere else.

Today when we point to the place on the map where our enemies exist, we might mention Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, but like the days before, these were our secondary and tertiary enemies. Currently, our number one enemy–the enemy trying to fundamentally alter our way of life and enslave us under a socialist-marxist dictatorship–is not around the globe. The finger falls on Washington DC.

The enemies of Liberty are no longer without. They are within our borders. They sit in the White House and behind the desks of the House and Senate. With the Soviets, we lived under a threat of nuclear war, but had MAD (mutually assured destruction) to prevent either side from trying to conquer the other. Today, we don’t have that luxury. There is no MAD where Congress, the TOTUS, and the POTUS are concerned. As President Obama gathers an enemy list and as Congress passes legislation to destroy capitalism and Liberty, we have little power to effect them.

Mr. Obama and his left wing cronies like to talk about classism, class warfare, and a divide between rich and poor, but the true divide is only the political class verses the civilian class. The former manipulates the latter, causing internal wars and battles, so the political class can accumulate more power and more wealth by stealing it from the rightful owners–We, the People.

The world doesn’t need Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda or the Soviets to destroy the United States. We have the American government doing a bang up job of it already.

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