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Sound the Alarm!

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, health care, Obama | Posted on 23-10-2009


Why do democrats insist on repeating lies?

Almost every day, I hear some moronic Congressman (or woman) saying we need a public option to foster “competition.”

So, let’s see. When consumers needed competition for local and long distance phone service, did the government create a phone company? No, they broke up Ma Bell (in 1987) and then had the Telecommunications Act of 1996, demanding the incumbents help their competitors enter the marketplace. (Mind, you, I think that was unconstitutional, but I’ll stick to the point). Competition was created by other corporations.

Now that all television signals must be digital, consumers are forced to pay for television–at an ever-increasing expense. In most areas, there is only one provider.  What has the government done to force competition? Nothing. Congress certainly hasn’t created a government-run cable company.

Where’s the competition in computers? Windows or Mac, that’s it? Sure, there’s *nix, but where’s the Obamanite Operating System? And why are the people limited to AMD or Intel processors? Shouldn’t we have a government subsidized Congressional-Chip?

Perhaps some will argue we do not need television, the internet, or phones. Of course, that flies in the face of the democrats who argue these are basic human rights and the federal government should subsidize them for the less fortunate.

We need food as well. When I was younger, I could get Big Mac for less than $1. Now, they’re over $2. I used to buy a can of Coca-Cola for $.25 and now the same store sells them for over $1. Surely, I have to eat and drink. And these stores should not be allowed to profit from my hunger. So, where are the government wine & cheese shops selling me my food at discount rates to create competition for the profiteering, greedy corner stores and gas stations?

While I’m on basic needs–why is there only one power company, gas company and water company in my town? The government should create additional corporations to sell me these things cheaper…just to keep the other companies honest. Heck, the government should own all businesses and set the wages and prices for everything, guaranteeing that no one make a profit off of someone else’s need or desire. Yes, that’s sarcasm. but it’s also the road we’re heading down.

Obama, Pelosi, Frank, Reid, Snowe, and the other lying scumbags in Washington have no interest in keeping insurance companies “honest.” That’s a bit like expecting the fox to keep his word when he says he’ll watch the hen house for you while you’re on vacation. And these devils have no desire to foster competition. If they did, they would have started in some of the other areas I mentioned.

It has and always will be about CONTROL.

When they government is footing the bill, they can say, “Since we’re covering your health care, we own your body and control what can or cannot go into it.”

  • You can’t smoke
  • You’re overweight…go to this fat camp or go to prison
  • No, you don’t need greasy fries…they are now illegal
  • Cheeseburgers? You’ll go out like Elvis. That’s why we must shut down all fast food
  • You already have a child, we’ll have to kill this one to save the environment. After all, this child will be a CO2 factory and consume natural resources
  • You WILL take this flu shot because we own you and the others you might make sick
  • We noticed you voted for the opposition last election. Now, this is not political, but we can’t have mentally ill people like you running around, so–no–we’re not going to allow the heart transplant. But seriously, there are no politics involved. 

Perhaps I am an alarmist. You might be right. Then again, if there were more alarmists alive in China, Russia, and Cambodia when these same signs started cropping up, maybe a hundred-million-plus people wouldn’t have died in the hen house while the fox guarded it.

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