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So long, America!

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Democrats, health care | Posted on 21-12-2009


So long, America. Goodbye. It was nice knowing you.

When I was a child, men my grandfather’s age talked about how they defeated the national socialists–the Nazis. I still remember vividly the story of one paratrooper who dropped in the the Germans on D-day and how so many of his friends were killed before they hit the ground.

And in my life, we’ve seen socialist country after socialist country fall first into absolute despotism and then utter poverty. Hunger and starvation have been staples of these leftist regimes. Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Hungary, Belarus, Chechnya, the list goes on.

Even our allies, who are wishy-washy socialists (demcratic-socialists) have destroyed their economies–becoming accustomed to high unemployment, tax rates that border on larceny, and rationed health care that results in more lives lost than saved.

Last night our government–which used to be ”by the people for the people”, proved it is now ”by the socialists for the unions.” This left wing dictatorship has moved closer to utterly destroying America by accepting bribes that will be paid with the sweat of our brows and our childrens’ brows. As Obama and his left wing lunatics move to socialize another 16% of our economy, we will see one-third of our economy run by a government that has demonstrated for the past 70 years it cannot keep a budget; it cannot refrain from abusing its own power; and it cannot deliver one-tenth of the promises it makes.

As we sit on this eve of America’s slide into totalitarianism and destruction, I say “So long, America! It was nice knowing you. I loved you like a second mother. You will be greatly missed.”

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