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They SHOULD FEEL Threatened

Posted by Brutus | Posted in health care | Posted on 26-03-2010


I’m having a difficult time feeling sorry for the traitorous socialists posing as democratic congressmen.

What do these morons think? Do they honestly believe they could shove the largest, most unpopular socialist bill down the throats of Americans and not have to experience any backlash? Do the neo-socialists like Hoyer, Pelosi, and Reid believe they can rape us at will and that all they have to do to keep us from screaming for help is label us racists or crackpots?

I am not advocating violence against these people. Saying you’re going to kill them or shooting at them is just foolish. Politicians write the laws and protect themselves more than any other class of people in the country. They believe they are above the laws and make laws to prove it.

What I am advocating is demonstrating your contempt and disdain for these flesh-covered dung sacks. They should be called names. Their images should be hung and burned in town squares across America. Their phone lines should not stop ringing with irate calls from now until they become unemployed in November.

What is the point of free speech if you cannot use angry language when speaking about politicians who refuse to abide by the Constitution and the Will of We the People?

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