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Palin 2012?

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Palin, Republicans | Posted on 21-02-2011


Why are people…let me rephrase that…why are the leftwing loonies still so darned scared of Sarah Palin?

According to USA Today, one of Ms. Palin’s ex-aides has written a book about her.  The short article in the link makes the manuscript sound like the typical anti-Sarah sniping that has taken place for the past two-plus years. According to the article:

The book was co-written by Jeanne Devon, publisher of an anti-Palin website called Mudflats, and Ken Morris, a California writer who has also been critical of Palin.

Just the other day some of the loonies I know were posting anti-Palin rhetoric on their facebook pages. One commented she hoped Sarah Palin would run for president in 2012 because Saturday Night Live needed new material. Others chimed in with agreement and a promise that this time SNL would completely destroy her and make her hide forever after.

A Los Angeles Times article from February 17, 2011 says Sarah Palin is still toying with the idea of a bid for the Executive Office.

I love Ms. Palin, but I know she is polarizing, even in the Republican camp. There are capital-C-little-r Conservative republicans who like her and then there are the basic Republicans who range from progressive McCain-esque to party-liners like Rove that would vote against her. My guess is eventually the party will probably split because of the competing ideologies between the two camps. The former is the paleoconservative idea of limited government and conservation of the Constitution while the other side is for big government, simply smaller-government-than-liberals-want. But all that is another post.

Despite the GOP’s internal struggle, a part of me hopes she runs. I think a ticket with Sarah Palin headlining would probably cause a good number of liberals to spontaneously combust. And you know what that means… yes, less democrat voters… but I was thinking s’mores for everyone!!!

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