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Black Friday, Death, Injuries, & Lawsuits

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner | Posted on 03-12-2008


Fritz and Jonathan Masadieu, a father and son tag-team, are suing super-retailer Wal-mart.¬†They claim they were picked up and carried into the store, getting jostled, slamming into other people and objects. This bumpy ride caused back and neck injuries for which they had to pay as well as legal fees. They’re asking for $2 million. How I would love to be a juror on this case.

Yesterday, the men’s attorney, Kenneth Mollins, was on Fox News Channel. He said the price tag is just a fictitious number and that his clients would be happy if they didn’t get a dime, as long as there was some accountability. When pressed, Mollins said he would waive his fee, too, if the county and Wal-mart would just assume accountability for these actions and other injuries caused by consumers during Black Friday sales.

Here are some of the questions I have:

At what point did an official from Nassau County or manager from Wal-mart slink into the bedrooms of Fritz and Jonathan, forcing them at gunpoint to get dressed and stand in line for the bargain of the year? And when did a representative of either entity fire the starter’s pistol and tell the crowd to act like a pack of rabid hyenas?

The problem is not that stores have six- or one-hour sales. Nor is the problem that there are not enough jackbooted, rifle-toting guards manning the doors. People act like idiots and savages, not because someone forces them to, but because they are idiots and savages to begin with. If Mr. Mollins wants accountability, then he must look for the people who picked up Fritz & Son. Otherwise, we might as well scrap the whole idea of rugged Americanism, raplacing it with a complete collectivist nanny state where the government and businesses are responsible for the actions for everyone. Then, if someone gets shot, they can sue the city for not protecting them. If someone gets raped, they can sue the men’s fantasy football league. After all, only men are in the men’s league.

The past few years, I’ve gotten up and joined the Black Friday festivities. I enjoy it. This year, I saw a man that was in line near me last year. I had a couple on one side of me and a solo-woman on the other. She being cold and underdressed, I went to my car and retrieved an extra pair of polar fleece gloves and let her wear them. When the male counter-part of the couple on the other side headed for McDonald’s to get some coffee, I gave him a five and asked him to grab one for me. When the doors finally opened, we walked in like civilized people. Solo-woman even went and picked up something for the couple to make sure they got one. She offered to do the same for me.

No one makes us get up at two in the morning to stand in line. No one makes us scratch and claw to get through the door. No one makes us give gloves to a stranger. We are all responsible for our own behavior. The only one accountable for good or poor actions is the person making that conscious choice and acting upon it.

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