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DHS declares conservatives “terrorists!”

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Democrats, Obama, second amendment | Posted on 15-04-2009


If you love this country and it’s Constitution, you’re probably considered a terrorist by the Obama Adminsitration. Indeed, the Department of Homeland Security produced a report entitled: Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. It is a nine page manifesto giving the government power to spy on and eradicate conservatives.

DHS head Janet Napolitano declared things like the WTC coming down after Islamofascists flew planes into them “Man-made disatsters.” These are not acts of terrorists. However, she reserved the label “terrorist” for people who have one or more of the following beliefs. You are probably a rightwing terrorist if:

  • You believe the government should secure our borders
  • You think the government is not doing enough to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States
  • You believe the 2nd Amendment–the Right to Bear Arms–is protected by the Constitution
  • You oppose same-sex marriage
  • You are pro-life
  • You are a Christian that believes in “End-Times Prophecy” and stock food, ammunition, & weapons
  • You hold the opinion the economy could collapse and that such a collapse might lead to civil unrest and the government declaring martial law to stop the unrest
  • You favor the government enforcing current immigration laws
  • You are/were a soldier that has returned from Iraq or Afghanistan (note: thank you for your service) 
  • You believe communists are a threat to America
  • You believe China, Russia, or India may be a threat to America in the future
  • You believe a loss of manufacturing to China and India allows these countries to apply political or economic pressure on the United States
  • You think Russia’s control of energy reserves allows them to pressure other nations–including the US
  • You believe a one-world government is coming

So, basically, if you oppose President Obama’s socialist agenda in any way, if you defend the Constitution, if you believe in the Bill of Rights, or you fear this administration, chances are you are on the Department of Homeland Security’s hitlist.

The full document can be found here.
Also, Michelle Malkin had a blog on this here: Confirmed: The Obama DHS hit job on conservatives is real

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dhs security…

I can’t believe I missed this! I’m going to have to do some more reading me thinks….

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