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CNN — The Communist News Network

Posted by Brutus | Posted in Conservative Corner, Economy, MSM | Posted on 16-04-2009


Most thinking Americans realize CNN is little more than the Communist News Network. For years, the network has cozied up to every socialist in American politics. They failed to do their jobs prior to the 2008 election because they wanted to see their messaiah, Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. This video MUST SEE: CNN Chicago found at The Great Illuminator does a great job showing CNN’s finest at work.

The video really becomes interesting around the 2:18 mark. That’s when we see the Obamanite newscaster taking off her clothes (so to speak) and revealing her naked agenda. She, like so many others in the media, appears to be a neosocialist Obama worshipper. Her attempt at journalism was little more than another hit-and-run by the liberal MSM.

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